Comprehensive Care Solutions™: Excellence Made Easier

You’ve made it your goal to provide an exceptional employee healthcare and benefits experience. We’ve made it our focus to refine and simplify the solutions that will get you there.

Comprehensive Care Solutions

Solutions To Suit Your Strategy

Comprehensive Care Solutions make it easier to design a comprehensive, high-performing benefits program. You confidently choose any or all of the solutions from our tiered portfolio. Quantum Health is there to drive utilization, member satisfaction, health outcomes and ROI.


When you adopt our healthcare navigation and care coordination solution, we automatically support any point solution you add to your benefits program. Members get early, expert guidance to specialty benefits that will improve their health and productivity. You see stronger benefits results.

Extension to Navigation

We have leveraged data insights for more than two decades of serving self-insured employers and building relationships with specialty healthcare vendors to bring you simplified solutions.


We’ve integrated with category leaders across several specialty care and member guidance service categories. Say the word, and we’ll implement and manage a best-in-category solution for priorities ranging from diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions to behavioral health and drug price transparency.


Until now, no solution addressed all the benefits navigation and care management needs posed by the most complex and costly conditions and diseases. With Premier Solutions, available only from Quantum Health, you gain breakthrough opportunities to support members’ health and control major cost drivers.