How we hire

The Quantum Health candidate experience

Our members know that when they contact Quantum Health to help navigate their healthcare journey, we’ll be there to guide them. The same should be true when you apply to our jobs. Your time is valuable. If you’re interested in joining our team, we think you deserve to know what to expect at every step of the way. While we cannot personally contact every applicant, you’ll always receive electronic notifications informing you of your status in our recruiting process.

1.) Apply at

Whether you found us online or through a referral (or if we found you), you’ll need to submit an online application to the job(s) you’re interested in. Our simple, mobile-friendly online application ensures we have the information needed to provide an efficient, unbiased recruiting process.

2.) Application review

Our Talent Acquisition team reviews each application to Quantum Health without Artificial Intelligence (AI) or auto-screening. While we can’t personally contact every applicant, you’ll receive electronic notifications regarding your status along the way. You can also check your application status directly at any time.

3.) Talent acquisition conversation

If selected, we’ll contact you to schedule a 15-30 minute phone/video call with our Talent Acquisition team. This call will provide more information about our organization, the job(s) you’ve applied to and our hiring/training processes. We’ll also seek to learn more about you and your unique experience. Based on the outcome of this conversation, your profile may be submitted to the hiring team for review.

4.) Assessments

Depending on the position, you may be asked to complete one or more assessments. If required, the assessment link(s) will be sent by the assessment vendor(s) outlined below, directly to the email address you provided in your application. These assessments are not spam. Please check your email and complete the assessment(s) via computer, as they are not mobile-friendly.

+ For IT/Software Engineering roles (sent by HackerRank Code Challenge measures technical aptitude in one or more relevant programming languages

+ For Leadership roles (sent by Predictive Index behavioral assessment that evaluates motivators, needs, preferred working styles and leadership approaches

5.) Interviews

If selected, our Talent Acquisition team will schedule your interview(s) with the hiring team. Depending on the position, interviews may be in-person or virtual and include meeting with the hiring manager, a panel of potential co-workers, and/or a member of Human Resources. Interviews consist of job-specific and behavioral questions and should leave you with a thorough understanding the organization, team and the position itself. These are expected to be two-way conversations – you’re interviewing us, too – so we encourage you to ask questions. We do our best to ensure an efficient interview timeline and that hiring decisions are made quickly after. We’ll be in touch with you through the whole process.

6.) Offer

If we extend an offer (congratulations!) you’ll first receive a verbal offer, including your compensation and benefits information, recommended start date, etc. We’ll then follow up with a complete offer document package for your review and electronic signature. Your offer will be presented through a secure, web-based portal through our Applicant Tracking System (Jobvite).

7.) Pre-employment screenings

In order to keep our people, members and clients safe, we partner with a third-party vendor to conduct pre-employment screenings once an offer has been accepted. All offers are contingent upon satifactory completion of these screenings. Depending on the requirements of the position you’ve accepted, screenings may include, but not be limited to: a criminal background check, education and/or license verification, employment and/or verification, professional references, credit check, driving record review, physical examination, drug screening, etc. Continued employment and privileges for certain positions may also be subject to an education/licensure/certification achievement agreement and/or ongoing monitoring for criminal activity and/or license sanctions/restrictions.

8.) New hire tasks

Upon successful completion of our pre-employment screenings, your start date will be finalized and an employee record will be created in our HR platforms. From there, you’ll be assigned a series of electronic onboarding tasks, some of which must be completed prior to your first day (such as your direct deposit, tax/payroll documentation, etc.) while others must be completed within your first few days of employment (such as policy acknowledgements and verification of Form I-9).

9.) New hire experience

The new hire experience consists of a series of programs built into the first several weeks of your Quantum Health journey, depending on your position. These include:

  • New hire orientation – held live, on-site every two weeks, New Hire Orientation provides our newest Healthcare Warriors® with a holistic view of our organization, from the story of our founding, our mission and values and our leadership competencies, to our Pod operating model, benefits programs and DEI commitments. You’ll walk away from this program truly understanding who we are. Remote associates may attend a virtual adaptation New Hire Orientation on-demand in our Learning Management System, Quantum University.
  • Onboarding – From introductory meetings with key stakeholders and completing annual required E-Learnings to orienting to the technology needed for your job, you’ll quickly ramp up in our highly-collaborative environment.
  • Role-specific training – Patient Service Representatives, Clinicians and members of our Pod Operations teams will experience our immersive 6-week classroom training and skills cultivation program, designed to make each Healthcare Warrior® an expert in our processes, services and tools. Support Staff/Corporate associates will work through thoughtfully-designed onboarding plans crafted by their leader(s).

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

About us

Why does Quantum Health call its employees “Healthcare Warriors®”?

No matter our job title, at Quantum Health, we’re all on a mission to make healthcare simpler and more effective. Our associates understand that no one chooses to be on a healthcare journey, and they know just how overwhelming it can be. They go above and beyond every day to advocate for our members and their families. They fight to ensure that our members get the care they need, when they need it, at the most affordable cost. That’s why we call ourselves Healthcare Warriors®.

What is the Quantum Health culture like?

Ask us why we’ve been named a “Best Place to Work” for 16 straight years and you’re likely to get several different answers. But one reason tops the list – we care about our members and each other. Empathy starts with our people, extends to our members and clients, and expands into our community. To learn more about our culture, mission and values, visit our Culture page.

How does Quantum Health’s promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)?

Quantum Health welcomes everyone. We value our diverse team and suppliers, we empower our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and we’re proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to building diverse and inclusive teams and partnering with underrepresented communities through community engagement and supplier diversity. We understand that DEI is a journey that every organization approaches differently. To learn more, visit our DEI page.

How does Quantum Health approach sustainability and social responsibility?

A sustainable and equitable world — that’s the one Quantum Health works to create. From supporting neighbors in need, to continually reimagining how we can better preserve the environment for future generations, we are dedicated to being difference-makers who uplift each other and our community for the greater good. To learn more, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

What benefits does Quantum Health offer?

Given our role in the employee benefits industry, we take pride in offering benefits that meet (and exceed) the needs of our people. We invest in and continuously enhance our benefits offerings, work environment and development opportunities so that you can be your best, both personally and professionally. Aside from the coverages and perks you’d expect, we also go the extra mile to provide development programs and opportunities to help our Warriors® grow with us. Learn more by visiting our Benefits page.

Does Quantum Health allow for hybrid/flexible work arrangements?

Quantum Health is committed to providing working arrangements that enable positive experiences for our members, clients and associates alike. We continue to evolve our workplace and we are expanding hybrid and remote flexibility to more and more associates as technology and support allow. Depending on your role and scope, you may be on-site, remote or hybrid in nature. For more information, ask your Talent Acquisition Partner.

Job postings and applying online

How often are new jobs opened?

Quantum Health is fortunate always have new job opportunities. Our most common ‘evergreen’ (or ‘always open’) roles fall within our Customer Service and Clinical categories which are the core of our business. Other roles in business administration, information technology, leadership, etc. are posted as needed based on business growth. Don’t see the right job for you? No problem at all! Join our Talent Network and set up Job Alerts to stay up to date.

Can I apply in person or by mail with a hard copy resume/CV rather than online?

Whenever possible, we ask that you apply online. This ensures that every candidate is evaluated based on the same initial application criteria/questions, allows our team to provide timely responses and provides for secure storage of all your application information.

If I upload a resume or start my application through a job board/online profile, do I still need to fill out the online application? 

Yes. We want to ensure your application accurately conveys your education, skills and experience, allowing you to put your best foot forward. While online profiles and resume parsing make things easier (and faster), you’ll still need to answer a few application questions and double check the data that was imported.

Do I need a separate application for each position?

Yes. Completing separate applications for each position provides an opportunity to highlight different skills and experience related to each job. If you’ve applied to another posting, most of your basic information will carry over to the next applications, but we encourage you to review each one thoroughly for accuracy.

What if I've applied before?

If you’ve previously applied, much of your information will translate onto new applications, but you’ll need to apply individually to each job that interests you. This also provides an opportunity to update/highlight any information that may have changed since your last application.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

You may, but we look to match our candidates with positions they’re truly passionate about. Because of that, we recommend that, we recommend that you only apply to a small selection of jobs that are the best possible fit for your skills and experience vs. following the 'get my foot in the door' approach. 

How long will it take before I learn the outcome of my application?

While each open job varies in complexity and overall length, Quantum Health Talent Acquisition strives to provide initial candidate decisions/next steps within two (2) weeks of your initial application. If you will be progressing to the screening/interview stages (as outlined above in ‘How We Hire’), a member of Talent Acquisition will contact you to coordinate directly. If you will not be moving forward, you will be notified electronically.

Can I be considered for other roles at Quantum Health if my first application/interview isn’t successful?

Absolutely! Just because one role doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other opportunities. Join our Talent Network and set up Job Alerts to stay up to date, and be sure to check this site often for new jobs. If you’re applying to the same opening (such as the Patient Services Representative or an RN Case Manager role), you may re-apply to that same role 6 months after your initial interview.

I see pay ranges on your job postings on job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Are these accurate?

Simply put, no. Compensation information published by job boards are estimates that are auto-generated by those job boards, and are not verified or endorsed in any way by Quantum Health. Details surrounding compensation, including total rewards packages, will be disclosed throughout the interview process. Compensation offered is based on the candidate's unique combination of experience and qualifications related to the position and validated through third-party benchmarking. 

The Interview Process

How will I be contacted by Quantum Health?

This may vary, so pay attention to your inbox and phone once you’ve applied. Our Talent Acquisition team may contact you via email (only using email addresses ending in, telephone calls, SMS/text messages, through leading job boards/networks (such as LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.). If you’re unsure of the legitimacy of outreach from Quantum Health, you may call us at 800-257-2038 or look up our company page on LinkedIn at Each of our Talent Acquisition associates are listed there, and you can verify/contact them directly by searching for them under the ‘people’ tab.

How many interviews will there be?

This will vary depending on the complexity and responsibilities of the role, but for most positions, we aim for the process below. While it’s important for us to select the right candidate(s) for an open position, we believe it’s equally important to provide candidates with enough information to determine whether joining Quantum Health is right for them.

  • 1 conversation with a Talent Acquisition professional
  • 1 conversation with the Hiring Leader
  • 1-2 panel interviews (not to exceed 4-5 panelists)

How should I dress for my interview(s)?

Plan to dress appropriately for the role you’re interviewing for while remaining comfortable and authentic.  Quantum Health offers a business casual environment, but we also recognize the importance of representing the best version of yourself during an interview. If you have questions about what may or may not be appropriate, don’t hesitate to ask your Talent Acquisition Partner.  

How should I prepare for my interview?

Once you’ve been invited to interview and have confirmed that the date, time and location/method are suitable, there are a few basic preparations that will set you up for success.

  • Set aside some time to research Quantum Health and what we do. We suggest reviewing the company website, the career website, our profiles on GlassdoorIndeed and LinkedIn, and our social media.
  • Review the job description and think about how it relates to your experience. We practice behavioral interviewing, so be prepared to answer situational questions based on your unique background, such as: “tell us about a time when ________.”
  • Prepare a few questions for your interviewer(s). This is as much about you getting to know us as it is about us interviewing you. If you have questions about our culture, what it’s like to work here, etc., ask away!
  • If you’re interviewing on site, look up our office location and plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow for parking and arrival. You’ll want to bring a valid, state-issued photo ID with you for check-in.
  • If you’re interviewing virtually, test your internet, audio and video connections beforehand to allow for a smooth meeting experience.

Who should I contact if I have follow-up questions after my interview(s)?

Your Talent Acquisition Partner will be your primary point of contact throughout the recruiting process. If you have questions for any of interviewers after your interview, or if you simply want to pass along a thank you note, contact your Talent Acquisition Partner – they’ll make sure it gets to the right people.

How long after an interview will it take until I receive updates/next steps?

We always aim to provide interview feedback and next steps within a few days of an interview occurring; however, due to hiring manager availability and scheduling, this may vary. Stay in touch with your Talent Acquisition Partner regularly to keep up to date.

Recruitment fraud / scams

What is recruitment fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated scam which is growing in popularity, involving criminals imitating business entities offering fictitious job opportunities. Scams of this nature are most commonly committed through online services, such as job boards, fraudulent websites and unsolicited outreach pretending to be Quantum Health. Recruitment scams ultimately request applicants’ personal information and/or payment(s) in relation to jobs that do not exist.

To protect our candidates, we want to reiterate that authorized representatives of Quantum Health will only contact you from an email address ending in We will never extend job offers nor ask for personally identifiable information such as Date of Birth (DOB), Social Security Number (SSN), banking/direct/tax details, etc. via chat, SMS text message, social media, job board messaging platforms, or any other non-secure system, nor will we instruct you to send any payments related to your employment or equipment purchasing. You should not, under any circumstances, send payment(s) to any party suggesting they can assist you in gaining employment with Quantum Health. Any legitimate offer of employment will only come after undergoing a thorough recruiting process, including screenings, interviews, assessments, background checks, etc. 

I think I may be a victim/target of recruitment fraud. What should I do?

Unfortunately, these scams targeting job seekers are common. If you think you’ve encountered a scam, we encourage you to do the following: