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Deliver measurable results with an experienced partner

Healthcare isn’t getting any simpler — or less expensive. Your self-insured clients are feeling the pressure of balancing rising costs and increasing employee demands. Add in the explosion of point solutions, steadily increasing high-cost conditions and maxed-out HR teams, and it’s clear that traditional solutions aren’t going to cut it. We understand your clients’ pain points, and we know how to solve them. As the creator of the healthcare navigation industry, we’ve been reducing complexity and improving outcomes for hundreds of employers and millions of members for more than 20 years.

Execute your client strategy with confidence

Your clients count on you to deliver a comprehensive benefits strategy that tackles their biggest challenges:

Simplifying the experience

Benefits programs are notoriously complicated and confusing, often leaving employees and their families to navigate it on their own.

Controlling rising costs

The cost of healthcare is spiraling. Employers are seeking ways to reduce healthcare spend, without passing the cost on to their employees.

Improving outcomes while getting the appropriate care

Where a member goes for care is just as important as the provider they choose, impacting not only health outcomes but cost, as well.

Integrating and using point solutions

Finding the time to research, implement and manage vendor relationships can be overwhelming and time-consuming for HR professionals. And ensuring employees understand and can access existing benefits is crucial to measuring ROI.

We’ll help you deliver measurable results and the exceptional member experience your clients deserve.

“Providing a flexible employee navigation and care coordination experience platform enables [Quantum Health] to bring everything together into one simple and effective experience that drives better engagement and results — for both the employer and their employees.”

— Partner at national consulting firm

Our innovative model

Quantum Health is the only healthcare navigation company that:

  • Provides a single point of contact for members, providers and payers to simplify and enhance the member experience. We proactively reach out to our members — so they don’t have to ask for help.
  • Intervenes earlier in a member’s healthcare journey with Real-Time Intercept® (RTI). By connecting with a member before they make their own healthcare decisions, we work to build empathy and trust to guide them to the appropriate care.
  • Integrates with trusted digital health solutions with a proven record of success.
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Improving outcomes and reducing costs


Average trend reduction in year one


Member and Provider Net Promoter Score®


Client retention rate

How navigation works to control healthcare costs

Download this informative e-book to learn how healthcare navigation:

  • Acts as a hedge against healthcare price inflation.
  • Works to control costs across an entire health plan population.
  • Guides medical procedures and specialty drug treatments to more cost-effective, but still clinically appropriate, care settings.
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Employer results report

Download our independently validated report to see how we:

  • Reduce costs by 5.7%, on average, during a client’s first year.
  • Increase benefits utilization and engagement.
  • Boost in-network utilization and point solution access.
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See how we’ve helped clients just like yours achieve proven results

Tidelands Health Case Study

A large regional healthcare system, Tidelands Health, wanted to guide more of its members’ care in-house and more effectively manage high-cost conditions.

See how we collaborated with their HR team to support Tidelands’ culture of employee wellness, improving the member experience and reducing costs.

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Manufacturer Case Study

A leading manufacturer of industrial steel products experienced years of climbing medical costs, driven largely by high-cost claimants. An audit found high-risk plan members getting minimal benefits guidance and clinical support.

Learn how we collaborated with the client’s benefits team on a multipronged benefits optimization and cost-savings strategy.

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Retailer Case Study

A large regional retail chain offered their employees robust health benefits, including wellness and disease management support. But member service, utilization and outcomes fell short.

See how we maximized their investment in a provider cost and quality point solution while gaining control over cost-driving chronic health conditions.

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