Compassionate care. Real results.

Quantum Health delivers high member engagement, positive clinical outcomes and notable cost savings for more than 500 clients and 3.1 million members nationwide. No one else serves as many clients or members so effectively, and we’re proud of the value they receive.

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Not all experiences are created equal

At Quantum Health, we deliver an unmatched experience through our proprietary Real-Time Intercept® model which allows us to engage thoroughly, early and often. 

  • Compassionate, expert Care Coordinators — better known as Warriors® — champion members on every step of their journeys
  • Single point of contact for all healthcare benefits needs
  • Resulting in cohesive, effective care members deserve

The most transparent and universally respected way for industries to measure consumer satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score® (NPS®). And ours tops industry charts among members, clients and providers.

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Proven results

Simpler, cost-effective healthcare is more than possible — it’s proven.

We regularly validate our entire book of business results with third-party actuaries, demonstrating immediate results that increase in value over time.

  • Savings opportunities exist across all group sizes
  • Cost savings translate to a material ROI
  • Sustained cost reduction during the initial and subsequent years

Promises delivered

Thanks to cost savings generated by Quantum Health, Honda adds a new suite of benefits to better serve employees.

  • $93 million in savings
  • Reinvested in expanded coverage for members
  • Creating a happier, healthier and more productive workforce
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Your positive outcomes are our passion

Healthcare is complex and costly. To help organizations have more control over their spending dollars, it’s critical that members are knowledgeable in their health plan benefits. Discover unique ways to help your employees become more cost-conscious consumers of healthcare.


Boosting productivity delivers big value

Our members continually tell us about the value of our support—how they feel better, get the care and services they need, and get precious time back in their lives. They are also able to be more focused and productive at work, which is every employer’s goal. Now for the first time, we have quantified our positive impact on productivity in our groundbreaking study.

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Real caring gets Real Results

Chart-topping member engagement and satisfaction, positive health outcomes and sustained cost savings for your organization. For hundreds of clients and millions of members, our real caring yields Real Results.


Savings by year five


Member households engaged


NPS score for members and providers

“Quantum Health has not only partnered with us and helped our employees navigate the complicated healthcare system while treating them like the most important person in the room (like Mary Kay used to say), they’ve also reduced our costs so we are paying less today than we were five years ago and that’s even with healthcare costs increasing at 6-8% a year. It’s been a great partnership.”

Mike Chilen
Global Director, Benefits - Mary Kay, Inc