Powering your benefits strategy for higher cost savings and a more satisfied workforce

Healthcare isn’t getting any simpler — or less expensive. Employers are feeling the pressure of balancing rising costs and increasing employee demands. With the influx of point solutions, steadily increasing high-cost conditions and maxed-out HR teams, it’s clear that traditional solutions aren’t going to cut it. We understand and can solve your organization's pain points.

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Execute your strategy with confidence

Simplifying the experience

Benefits programs are notoriously complicated and confusing, often leaving employees and their families to navigate it on their own.

Controlling rising costs

The cost of healthcare is spiraling. Employers are seeking ways to reduce healthcare spend, without passing the cost on to their employees.

Improving outcomes while getting the appropriate care

Where a member goes for care is just as important as the provider they choose, impacting not only health outcomes but cost, as well.

Integrating and using point solutions

Finding the time to research, implement and manage vendor relationships can be overwhelming and time-consuming for HR professionals. And ensuring employees understand and can access existing benefits is crucial to measuring ROI.

We’ll help you deliver measurable results and the exceptional member experience you deserve.


Let us be your competitive edge 

With Quantum Health, you have a partner committed to helping you succeed. 

With over 500 clients and 3.1 million members, we serve various vertical-specific industries to help them produce meaningful results.

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Our innovative model

Quantum Health is the only healthcare navigation company that:

  • Provides a single point of contact for members, providers and payers to simplify and enhance the member experience. We proactively reach out to our members — so they don’t have to ask for help.
  • Intervenes earlier in a member’s healthcare journey with Real-Time Intercept® (RTI). By connecting with a member before they make their own healthcare decisions, we work to build empathy and trust to guide them to the appropriate care.
  • Integrates with trusted digital health solutions with a proven record of success.

“Quantum Health has helped me eliminate a few giant stressors, like insurance and bills. They have trained me to be aware of how I feel mentally, emotionally and physically. Plus they’ve encouraged me to be more active. I am so thankful for all they do.”

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Improving outcomes and reducing costs


Average trend reduction in year one


Member and Provider Net Promoter Score®


Client retention rate

See how we’ve helped other employers achieve proven results 

Tidelands Health drives wellness by leveraging healthcare navigation
Healthcare system

Tidelands Health drives wellness by leveraging healthcare navigation

With a culture of employee wellness at its core, Tidelands Health wanted to guide more of its members’ care in-house and more effectively manage high-cost conditions.

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Manufacturer boosts employee satisfaction and benefits ROI through navigation

Manufacturer boosts employee satisfaction and benefits ROI through navigation

The only thing growing faster than this manufacturer's orders was its healthcare cost trend. High-risk members needed expert support. Enter Quantum Health.

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Retailer focuses on employee health to build brand loyalty, reduce costs

Retailer focuses on employee health to build brand loyalty, reduce costs

To build a great retail brand, associates must feel and be their best. Easy, stress-free access to healthcare and benefits is key. Enter Quantum Health.

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