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Simplifying the healthcare experience for the public sector

Healthcare is confusing and complex, and navigating its intricacies becomes even more challenging for employers with diverse work environments. At Quantum Health, we’re dedicated to improving the healthcare experience for all public sector employees and their families through our caring, empathetic approach and cost-effective solutions.

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How navigation delivers the results you need

Quantum Health has been making a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of members in the public sector for over 20 years. Our clients and members trust us to simplify their benefits experience, guiding them to in-network, high-quality providers while reducing administrative burden and lowering claims costs. This trust fosters higher engagement and an improved overall experience while navigating the complex healthcare system.

We understand public sector entities are under immense pressure to demonstrate tangible value. With our proven track record of delivering sustained cost savings and improved outcomes, Quantum Health has the experience and expertise to help you make informed decisions that balance fiscal responsibility with exceptional care.

“With Quantum Health we finally have a one-stop shop where members can call and ask any question. This partnership created a resource for our employees, retirees and dependents to build relationships and trust with someone who can provide guidance on how to handle sensitive medical situations. When our families are healthier, we’re healthier and we are better employees.”

— Benefits Manager, City of Savannah
Case study

With a small HR team managing a diverse workforce of 2,300 members, the city of Savannah found it challenging to effectively communicate its benefits offerings to employees. By partnering with Quantum Health, they ensured every member received the best — and most cost-effective — care possible. Learn more

City of Savannah Case study

Real results public institutions can count on:


Overall engagement


Net Promoter Score® (NPS)


High-Risk Engagement

6 ways healthcare navigation benefits the public sector

Making benefits simpler

As the single point of contact for members, providers and employers, Quantum Health streamlines care to make the entire healthcare experience simpler and more cost-effective for all.

Meeting the needs of a diverse workforce

For member access to necessary care, our omnichannel approach guarantees a personalized benefits experience regardless of work location, removing care barriers like transportation and offering services such as nutrition counseling and food delivery.

Increasing use of point solutions

By guiding members to on-site clinics, wellness programs, EAPs and other available resources, we’re able to increase point solution and vendor partner utilization by up to 2X.

Driving recruitment and retention

Providing healthcare navigation demonstrates a commitment to employee wellbeing, reducing stress, fostering a positive work environment and empowering informed decision-making, which could lead to increased loyalty and longevity.

Improving outcomes and controlling costs

We identify issues and challenges up to 120 days before the first claim appears, allowing us to establish trust with members and guide them in making important healthcare decisions. This leads to improved benefits utilization, healthier outcomes, and cost savings for both members and the plan.

Reducing HR burden

We manage third-party point solutions and provide all member benefits communication. This helps to reduce the burden on HR teams and allows them more time to focus on strategic priorities.

Maximizing benefits through effective navigation

Teacher pointing to students

Lower education

Quantum Health recognizes the increased challenges that teachers and support staff face. We provide lower education institutions with a comprehensive healthcare navigation solution, offering a concierge level of service that includes deeper health and benefits support for employees. This support extends to essential yet frequently overlooked resources such as employee assistance programs, digital health tools and mental health support. By empowering employees to effectively manage their personal health and wellbeing, they’re able to better serve the children and community they support.

Professor talking to students

Higher education

Quantum Health offers higher education institutions a comprehensive healthcare navigation strategy that impacts their bottom line by reducing trend year over year, improving clinical outcomes and reducing HR administrative burden.

Our concierge-level service maximizes the utilization of employee benefits, including:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Financial services
  • EAP
  • Telehealth
  • Campus/community resources

We’re able to meet the diverse needs of individuals across the university system, regardless of their life stage or job role. This comprehensive approach drives significant cost savings for both members and the organization.

Construction workers smiling at one another

State, city & county government

Quantum Health partners with state, city and county governments, offering a comprehensive navigation strategy that delivers tangible cost savings and sustained ROI. By incorporating the best technology, expertise and resources available, we’re able to support members early in their health journeys, resulting in better outcomes and higher satisfaction — no matter their job role.

We also understand the challenges governments face when it comes to recruitment and retention. With a holistic and omnichannel approach to benefits, we help governments create a workplace environment that promotes employee satisfaction, engagement and overall wellbeing.


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