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Hospital and health systems

Quantum Health is built to support the unique needs of healthcare systems

In a 2022 survey, hospital benefit professionals voiced their top three concerns: offering competitive benefits, experiencing employee burnout and helping employees understand their benefits.1 A healthcare navigation partner can help manage these issues.

Solving workforce challenges through navigation

Healthcare institutions already under pressure faced escalating challenges with Covid-19. Between retaining clinical staff, persistently high inflation and ongoing supply chain disruptions, the burdens are negatively impacting hospital culture and bottom lines. With 16 hospital clients and over 418,000 members served on our platform today, Quantum Health has the deep industry knowledge to provide personalized support for your employees and their dependents to give them the helping hand they deserve.

Making our mark with hospitals and health systems


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Retaining talent and reducing clinician burnout

The impact of early intervention in healthcare navigation

Read more about how clinician burnout is not only damaging for healthcare professionals — it’s risky for patients, too.

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Why your benefits experience matters in the war for talent

Read more about how a navigation partner can enhance your benefits offering and reduce clinician burnout.

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* Activity based ROI

1. AON Benefits Survey of Hospitals, 2022.