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Quantum Health is built to support the unique needs of healthcare systems

In a survey, hospital benefit professionals voiced their top three concerns: offering competitive benefits, experiencing employee burnout and helping employees understand their benefits¹. A healthcare navigation partner can help manage these issues.

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Solving workforce challenges through navigation

Healthcare institutions already under pressure faced escalating challenges with Covid-19. Between retaining clinical staff, persistently high inflation and ongoing supply chain disruptions, the burdens are negatively impacting hospital culture and bottom lines. With 18 hospital clients, over 500 hospitals and over 418,000 members served on our platform today, Quantum Health has the deep industry knowledge to provide personalized support for your employees and their dependents to give them the helping hand they deserve.

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Making our mark with hospitals and health systems


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Reduce costs

Improving financial performance

Quantum Health successfully executes customized network and plan designs, including tiered designs. We can improve revenue cycle performance for your organization by helping speed up the claims process. Additionally, we help keep healthcare dollars in house while guiding consumers to the most effective treatment. By ensuring that your members are receiving the right guidance and care at the right time, your organization avoids future expenses caused by care gaps or preventable complications.

Read how one healthcare system saw a steady decline in year-over-year healthcare claims costs after partnering with Quantum Health.

Real-Time Intercept

Enhancing the member experience

With high-quality care coordination and a humanistic approach, our focus lies on providing a seamless member experience. We offer sensitivity for those who work non-standard hours, such as providers and other healthcare workers. With in-house pharmacists and nurses, your members can speak directly with medical professionals on a peer-to-peer level, increasing engagement for your organization. Lastly, Quantum Health intervenes an average of 120 days earlier in members' healthcare journeys, proactively guiding them to the right care at the right time.

Watch the video to hear from a nationally-ranked children's hospital on the advantages of early intervention.

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Retaining talent and reducing clinician burnout

The impact of early intervention in healthcare navigation

The impact of early intervention in healthcare navigation

Download our recent white paper to learn about the impacts of delayed care and how healthcare navigation can help.

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Maximize ROI with healthcare navigation
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Maximize ROI with healthcare navigation

Our independent navigation solution is designed to engage earlier in members” healthcare journeys, leading to better health outcomes and improved ROI. Learn how we're delivering substantial results for hospitals and health systems.

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Caring for the caregiver

Caring for the caregiver

Discover how Quantum Health supports healthcare professionals, optimizing their well-being and workforce strategy amidst challenging times. Learn more now.

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