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Above and beyond

Celebrating the First 25 Years

“Healthcare is a complex business, and it boils down to one thing: Empathy is the unlocker. If our Care Coordinator teams can express empathy to members or providers in every interaction, it will unlock all other opportunities.”

The spark

Origin of Quantum Health

The roots of Quantum Health’s origin trace back to the early career experience of Founder and Board Chair Kara Trott, designing and executing large-scale consumer research for consumer goods, services and retail companies to understand how people go through a “shopping journey.”

In the early 1990s, she quickly saw parallels and opportunities to apply these insights to the healthcare experience. But healthcare was different — people were left to navigate alone on a “bewildering journey.”

“It’s like you’ve been dropped into a pinball machine, and when the lever is pulled, you’re bounced around. Every time you hit a bump along the journey, it usually results in higher costs or worse outcomes.” Kara Trott, founder and board chair
Healthcare Navigation

A human-focused and tech empowered experience

In 1996, without any plans yet to build a company, Kara launched a longitudinal research study tracking the healthcare journeys of 3,200 patients and 290 participating physicians over two years. The goal: to gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare journey. It became clear to Kara that there was one commonality that made the experience different than any other — it was unchosen.

Today, Quantum Health’s navigation and care coordination solutions deliver proven results for employers through the intersection of member, provider and payer. This helps simplify the healthcare experience by increasing engagement and improving clinical outcomes for members, while reducing claims costs and supporting HR benefit teams for employers. As a tech-enabled company, Quantum Health Warriors® are armed with the most advanced technology to rapidly solution for members with care and empathy.

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A company of firsts

The spirit of creation, invention and risk-taking trace back not only to the founder's curiosity and determination, but Quantum Health’s many first's.

Created the category now called healthcare navigation

The term “healthcare navigation” didn’t exist at the time, and instead was called “care coordination.” Quantum Health was the first to offer care coordination and utilization services, and began to provide members’ benefits and eligibility information with doctors, to coordinate better care. Today, Quantum Health expands into new ways of providing value to clients through navigation.

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Developed Real-Time Intercept® (RTI)

RTI drives solutioning by utilizing proprietary technology and a vast network of partners and providers to connect members at the earliest possible point in their journey for an optimal healthcare path.

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Only navigation platform to analyze full book of business

The company's first actuarial study was conducted in 2006, and repeated in 2008 with 100,000 lives observed across multiple employers. To this day, Quantum Health is the only navigation platform that analyzes and evaluates its full book of business.

The company’s utilization metrics consistently show that Quantum Health’s form of navigation directly drives positive health outcomes and associated cost-savings impact — from eliminating ER visits to redirecting members from choosing the wrong specialists and misguided care.

Our Warriors

A history of Warrioring™ for our members

A healthcare journey can feel unfamiliar and hard to navigate. Members seek love, care, comfort and someone to help advocate for them. Since the company’s founding, Quantum Health Warriors have been supporting the healthcare lives of millions of members.

Discover the fascinating history of Quantum Health and the birth of healthcare navigation.

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Member story

The Jam Jar

Quantum Health receives thousands of letters that share members’ heartfelt stories about the impact our Warriors have made going above and beyond during a healthcare journey. One of the most iconic stories is the Jam Jar, which continues to make a lasting impact today.

A letter came from a man whose wife had been a cancer patient supported by a Quantum Health nurse during her care. The man had written a thank-you letter to the nurse in appreciation of her consistent support and friendship to his wife. He shared that on “good days” his wife would feel well enough to make jams and jellies. At her passing, he reflected on those good days when she felt better, and in his letter of appreciation to the Quantum Health nurse, he included one of his wife’s last jars of jam.

Letter from a member
Above And Beyond

A company built on empathy

The values Quantum Health is built on, and the understandings that we have of our members, haven’t changed.

The tools and the ways we interact with our members have changed, as they should. But underlying it all, we will always have a very high and lofty mission to ensure …
no one has to navigate their healthcare journey alone.

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