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About Progyny

Progyny's fertility, family building and women's health solutions set the standard for managing complex care journeys and supporting healthier, happier members. Our actively managed network of top specialists, clinically integrated member support and equitable benefit design is proven to deliver superior results, driving healthcare savings for employers and creating a supported, cohesive experience for members.

Progyny is where care gets personal through life's milestones, delivering support across:

  • Preconception and trying to conceive
  • Fertility and family building
  • Pregnancy, postpartum and return to work
  • Menopause and midlife care
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Family building

Understanding the infertility crisis

In the U.S., 1 in 5 women are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying, and 1 in 4 have difficulty carrying a pregnancy to term.¹ Sixty-one percent of employees who received fertility benefits said the coverage made them feel more loyal to their employers,² but the HR burden to implement a new point solution is substantial.

Convenient, coordinated care

Quantum Health focuses on providing benefits education and navigation services to members on their family-building journey. We assist in preauthorization for infertility procedures, accessing prescriptions, clinical guidance for high-risk pregnancies, finding in-network childbirth providers and facilities, and more.

Favorable results

Quantum Health Preferred Partners™ provide a seamless member experience, help reduce cost trend and improve health outcomes. Each partner is thoroughly vetted for the following criteria: proven clinical efficacy, enhanced data security, verified ROI and member-focused approach.

  • Improved utilization
  • Enhanced data integration
  • Reduced HR workload
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Trusted experts in family building and end-to-end reproductive health

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Drowning in point solutions

HR leaders have thousands of point solution vendors to choose from. Finding the time to research, implement and manage vendor relationships can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Taking on the hard stuff — so you can focus on your team

From addressing chronic conditions such as behavioral health, diabetes, musculoskeletal (MSK) and gastrointestinal disorders, to optimizing prescription drug utilization and price transparency, Quantum Health’s Preferred Partners are here to deliver the results you — and your members — need. These valuable partnerships revealed an increase in enrollment, decrease in registration abandonment and ongoing utilization across many organizations.

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