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Navigating cancer

Cancer impacts millions of lives, with roughly 1.9 million new diagnoses per year in the U.S. alone. It’s the second-leading cause of death in our country and the No. 1 healthcare cost driver for many employers. Through comprehensive navigation and care coordination, Quantum Health helps improve clinical and financial outcomes of cancer, ensuring members get the care they need while reducing the burden on self-insured employers.


Number of employees in today’s workforce who will receive a cancer diagnosis during their career


Average cost of medical care and treatment for one person’s cancer journey


Number of employers who anticipate an increase in late-stage cancer diagnoses due to delayed screenings

Navigation reduces impact of cancer

Watch three industry experts share how the right navigation solution helps deliver better results. Explore the future of cancer treatment and proven strategies about how to control rising healthcare costs.

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Providing the latest in personalized treatment

Learn how the Personal Precision Oncology Management (PPOM) program helped a 51-year-old member receive access to innovative new treatment options after his cancer diagnosis.

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Meet the experts guiding our solutions

Our Oncology Clinical Advisory Board provides strategic guidance on new holistic cancer care initiatives, allowing us to provide members with access to the latest in cancer-related research and care.

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Ensuring every member gets the right care

Our second-opinion oncology benefit solution connects members and their doctors with world-renowned cancer experts, ensuring they have access to the latest breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

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