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About Oshi Health

Oshi Health is a virtual-first gastrointestinal care clinic integrating evidence-based medical care and behavioral health support into a convenient, high-touch and data-driven care model. Oshi Health provides diagnosis and integrated care for digestive conditions and empowers people to achieve lasting control of their symptoms. Members work with an integrated multidisciplinary care team of GI-specialized medical, dietary and behavioral health providers, and typically achieve symptom control within 4 months with dramatic improvements in their quality of life. Oshi's approach gets people feeling better, faster – delivering significant reductions in avoidable care, ER visits and high cost medication use.

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Digestive health

Getting a grip on digestive health

Nearly two-thirds of Americans experience symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses and disorders.¹ Annually, digestive conditions account for more than 100 million outpatient visits, 14 million hospital admissions and $142 billion in costs.² With an aging population, the impacts are expected to grow.³

Earlier engagement

As the single point of contact for members and providers, Quantum Health is able to intervene earlier in a member’s health journey and navigate them to the right care at the right time. Our early intercept model and unique engagement approach help ensure improved utilization and better health outcomes.

Convenient, coordinated care

Quantum Health Preferred Partners™ help employers get results by improving utilization while reducing HR workload. Each partner is thoroughly vetted for the following criteria:

  • Proven clinical efficacy
  • Enhanced data security
  • Verified ROI
  • Member-focused approach
Oshi Health

Trusted experts in digestive health

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Drowning in point solutions

HR leaders have thousands of point solution vendors to choose from. Finding the time to research, implement and manage vendor relationships can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Taking on the hard stuff — so you can focus on your team

From addressing chronic conditions such as behavioral health, diabetes, musculoskeletal (MSK) and gastrointestinal disorders, to optimizing prescription drug utilization and price transparency, Quantum Health’s Preferred Partners are here to deliver the results you — and your members — need. These valuable partnerships revealed an increase in enrollment, decrease in registration abandonment and ongoing utilization across many organizations.

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