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Real, meaningful engagement

Real, meaningful engagement

It’s what powers results. What does Quantum Health consider an engagement? A meaningful interaction that delivers a result. When do we do it? Early, often and with care.



Engage thoroughly, early and often


At Quantum Health, we consider an engagement a two-way exchange between two people, whether that’s via a phone call, email, secure message, chat or text message. When an engagement occurs is even more critical. Our proprietary Real-Time Intercept® model does it earlier than anyone else in the industry.




Intercept and redirect


We are the starting point for both members and providers — the first contact they make. So, supercharged by AI and machine learning, we discover issues and challenges up to 120 days before a first claim is even filed. This gives us an opportunity to direct the member on an optimal healthcare path from the beginning of their journey, resulting in better benefits utilization, healthier outcomes and cost savings for your member and your plan.


The gold standard


How does Quantum Health’s engagement measure up to the competition? It’s the gold standard. We engage with 84% of our member households — 30% higher than our nearest competitor. We engage our provider partners at five times the rate of others in our industry. And we engage with 96% of providers when a member has a claim over $100,000. This all adds up to significant impact for your associates and for you.