Maximizing Impact at RISE National 2024: Why Healthcare Navigation Matters for Health Plans

At Quantum Health, we're bringing innovation and expertise to the RISE National 2024 Conference. Our focus on healthcare navigation is designed to revolutionize member engagement for Medicare Advantage health plans.

Join us March 17-19 to discover the future of care coordination and its impact on improving member experience. Learn how it can address care gaps, enhance Star ratings, and create a seamless healthcare journey for Medicare Advantage members.

RISE National 2024

Turn Your Members Into Superfans: How Healthcare Navigation Increases Member Engagement and Boosts Star Ratings

Join our roundtable to explore the transformative power of Healthcare Navigation. Learn how it closes gaps in care, boosts Star Ratings, and enhances the healthcare experience for Medicare Advantage members. Join us for an insightful discussion at RISE National 2024!

  • Discover the true value of healthcare navigation and its pivotal impact on Star Ratings performance.
  • Explore the competitive advantages for health plans that adopt healthcare navigation for their Medicare Advantage members.
  • Learn how healthcare navigation can significantly enhance provider relationships and improve health outcomes.


Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson
Vice President, Payor Innovations
Quantum Health

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