Zane Burke
Zane’s professional passion is addressing the imbalances in healthcare. His other passion? College sports. It’s easy to see how his two worlds come to life through his competitive spirit, his focus on fostering teamwork and his uncanny ability to strike up a fervent conversation with anyone about either topic. Prior to Quantum Health, Zane was CEO of Livongo Health. He successfully led the company to the largest digital health IPO in history and its eventual $18.5 billion merger with Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC). The combined Livongo and Teladoc formed the world’s largest digital health company. Prior to Livongo, Zane spent more than two decades at Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN), ultimately serving as its President. He is currently a board member for Owlet Health (NYSE: OWLT), Cotiviti, and Bardavon Health Innovations. His experience is in guiding healthcare technology enterprises with vastly innovative and disruptive business models. He not only has a clear vision of the future of digital healthcare, but also has a unique understanding of the challenges in the current delivery model of healthcare. Zane is excited to be continuing that winning streak with the team at Quantum.


  • Chief Executive Officer, Livongo Health, Inc.
  • President, Cerner Corporation


  • Owlet Health
  • Cotiviti
  • Bardavon Health Innovations


  • Undergraduate degree and MBA from Kansas State University