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Consultants agree: Integration and consolidation are the way forward

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Healthcare navigation is the bridge

In our Healthcare Benefit Consultant Sentiment Index survey(The Index) with MedCity News, consultants revealed that healthcare navigation will be the way forward — bridging plans, providers and digital point solutions to create more streamlined patient journeys.

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of consultants say they typically guide their self-insured employer clients to an independent healthcare navigation company (vs. client’s existing carrier or consultancy).


of consultants revealed that navigation through an employer’s existing carrier is not meeting their needs.


of consultants believe that digital health point solutions will eventually be consolidated under a single navigation provider.


of consultants report that self-insured employer clients find it “extremely important” that their benefits partner have similar or shared values and culture.

“There will be consolidation of care management solutions under one overall care coordinator and a smaller number of vendors to help employees know where to go and when.”

About The Index

The 2023 Benefit Consultant Sentiment Index taps into the unique perspective and experience of skilled benefit consultants to gauge healthcare benefits trends and better understand the needs of self-insured employers amid industry changes. See a broad range of topics, from cost management and health equity strategies, to the role of AI and the next chapter in healthcare navigation, by downloadingThe Index.

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