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About Kidneylink

Kidneylink is a national organization of nephrologists, nurses, dietitians, social workers and pharmacists united in providing personalized, quality care for every person living with kidney disease. Their value-based kidney care approach is built on decades of nephrology expertise and chronic kidney disease treatment. Part of U.S. Renal Care, Kidneylink offers a nephrologist-centered solution to improve outcomes for individuals with late-stage and end-stage chronic kidney disease. Connect members with more than 2,000 kidney specialists nationwide to slow chronic kidney disease progression and optimize treatment.

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Kidney disease

Tackling a high-risk, costly health condition

About 37 million U.S. adults live with chronic kidney disease (CKD),¹ and one in three adults are at risk of developing it.² Some groups face higher risk: Blacks are three times more likely than whites to develop kidney failure.²

The HR burden of point solution management

Point solutions can help control costs and improve the health of members with CKD, but the administrative burden is significant. HR teams spend about a third of their time managing point solution vendors.³

Identifying specialists for kidney care

Quantum Health Preferred Partners™ provide a seamless member experience and help employers get results: higher member satisfaction, better health outcomes and a partnership proven to reduce cost trend.

  • Improved utilization
  • Enhanced data integration
  • Reduced HR workload

Trusted experts in kidney care

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Drowning in point solutions

HR leaders have thousands of point solution vendors to choose from. Finding the time to research, implement and manage vendor relationships can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Taking on the hard stuff — so you can focus on your team

From addressing chronic conditions such as behavioral health, diabetes, musculoskeletal (MSK) and gastrointestinal disorders, to optimizing prescription drug utilization and price transparency, Quantum Health’s Preferred Partners are here to deliver the results you — and your members — need. These valuable partnerships revealed an increase in enrollment, decrease in registration abandonment and ongoing utilization across many organizations.

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