EBN’s 2024 State of Healthcare study: Unveiling the future outlook of healthcare expenses

As inflation rates increase, healthcare expenses continue to climb for employers and their employees. EBN’s 2024 State of Healthcare study reveals how much and how often employees are currently utilizing their health plan benefits, and how employers are responding in the face of costs, complexity and concerns.


Uncertainty around healthcare benefits

Employees are not confident in their knowledge of healthcare benefits. Only half of employees understand healthcare insurance coverage, and even less understand healthcare costs in general. While employees may feel they are making the best decision they can when choosing a health plan, they are less certain they understand how the plan works in practice.

50% of employees ask their HR department

46% of employees go to their benefits portal

43% of employees ask their health insurance provider

18% of employees turn to the internet

17% of employees consult friends and family

1% of employees don’t know where to go

For employers, this means that further investment in healthcare literacy can lead to more cost-conscious, thoughtful healthcare consumers.

Ladies on the computer and looking at paper confused

Employers are taking action

55% of benefits leaders are already experiencing higher costs than expected this year — and they’re not optimistic about next year, either. Nearly 80% of these respondents predict healthcare benefits will cost even more in their next benefits cycle, with 72% expecting to see higher premiums for employees as a result.

8 in 10

employers saw an increase in their overall costs regarding healthcare benefits


of employers saw an increase in their healthcare benefits costs


Maximizing healthcare benefits

In our employer survey, respondents were asked to rate on a 100-point scale the expected future value increase for a navigation or advocacy service. All respondents, irrespective of workforce size, provided ratings of 83 or higher.

Initiatives like integrating preventative care incentives and adopting a healthcare navigation partner can effectively engage the workforce in their healthcare benefits.


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