Navigating healthcare can be very challenging — a high-stakes journey with big dollars and human lives on the line.

Kara Trott standing with colleagues In the United States today, over 95 million people receive their healthcare benefits through self-insured employers. With the growing complexity of the healthcare environment, they need help navigating this complicated experience. Kara Trott has the answer. Founder, Board Chair, and Senior Advisor of Quantum Health, Trott created a healthcare navigation company focused on guiding people through the experience. For over 20 years, the company has delivered on its innovative mission, providing significant results along the way — including industry-leading satisfaction rates and millions of dollars in cost savings — to many of the nation’s leading businesses and their employees. “Healthcare is a very complex ecosystem, and the reality is that people are not well-equipped to navigate it alone,” says Trott. “It’s like a foreign language in a foreign land. They are often overwhelmed, frustrated or in fear, for their own health or the health of a family member. So when they try to navigate on their own, we see what happens. It’s not a good experience for them, and it’s very costly — for both the employee and the employer.” Healthcare navigation provides employees and their families (also called “members”) with the experts and tools they need for the challenges they encounter in their healthcare journey. These range from understanding their benefits to selecting a doctor; from seeking clinical support to connecting with community resources. “We believe that no one should have to go through the healthcare experience alone,” says Trott, “so we partner with the member all along the way, providing expertise and empathy.” The result? A better experience, higher satisfaction and better health — with measurably lower costs. At Quantum Health, these healthcare experts are called Warriors™. One recently helped Joe, a member, through a cancer-fighting journey. When Joe learned he was cancer-free, he first called his family — and then he called Sara, his Quantum Health Warrior™. “This epitomizes the type of empathetic and caring relationship that our navigation provides,” adds Trott. “Our Warriors are the single connection point between the employer’s benefit plan and the employee, to proactively guide them through the experience,” Trott says. “We work with an employer’s benefits department, insurance company and physicians, so employees and their families don’t have to. Ultimately, we get every single member through their healthcare journey in the safest and most efficient manner possible, in order to achieve the best outcome.”