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We believe no one should have to navigate the cost and complexity of healthcare alone. We are big-hearted, fast-thinking people on a mission to make healthcare smarter, simpler and more cost-effective. For more than two decades, we’ve been an independent navigator, forever changing the healthcare experience for millions of employees and their employers. The era of healthcare as usual has come and gone. We need change now

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For these HR executives, health plan costs and poor employee satisfaction were a constant challenge. Hear them explain how early navigation support from Quantum Health has won high marks from employees and has earned significant ROI for employers.

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Joshua Smith, Portico® Benefit Services

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Joshua Smith, Portico Benefit Services

Sarah Redgrave, KinderCare

  • Member Stories

    Samantha's Story

    "I was so relieved to speak to a nurse about the ongoing treatment for my son. Having one person to contact is magnificent! Over the past few years, I found it very difficult to call several different places depending on what the issue was. I’m so pleased with my company’s decision to make things less complicated.”"

    —Samantha, Member, Mass Media Company

  • Member Stories

    Trish's Story

    "I had multiple questions regarding our health plan that I could not find online. I spent hours talking to multiple people for weeks, to no avail. So, last night I called the Care Coordinator line just to see if they could help sift through the minutiae. The result was amazing. It was as if I had my own personal health concierge named Cindy. I have never experienced this level of customer service and care."

    —Trish, Member, National Nursing Home Company

  • Member Stories

    Mark's Story

    "I need to sing my Care Coordinator’s praises. I was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer, and she found out how to get me $5,000 toward expenses. I never would have known I had this benefit. She follows up with me consistently, sends me information as I need it. She helped me read my benefits and cross-check them with my bills. She does not make me feel like just another patient or a number. She is awesome."

    —Mark, Member, National Home Improvement Company

  • Member Stories

    Jodi's Story

    "I have been a grateful member since being diagnosed with cancer. My Care Coordinator, Lori, became my rock and cheerleader every week as I tackled radiation. One of the things she never stopped telling me was, 'You got this! You are amazing and courageous.' For a long time, I had no hope, and Lori always had a way of leading me to a better place. I am so thankful for the amazing care I have received over these past months."

    —Jodi, Member, National Retailer

  • Member Stories

    Isabelle's Story

    "I am newly pregnant and at high risk for miscarriage. Today was the last day I could start taking the medication I needed to assist my pregnancy, and I was having a difficult time getting it on my own. My Care Coordinator, John, made some calls, conferenced parties together and then notified me that I could get my medication. I cried. What a miracle. Thank you."

    —Isabelle, Member, Global Healthcare Company

  • Member Stories

    Joan's Story

    "When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was scared — and worried about our finances. My Quantum Health Care Coordinator reached out and immediately went into action. He helped me create a list of questions to ask at my first big appointment. He gave nutrition advice on what I should eat during chemotherapy. He contacted my insurance company to authorize treatments so I didn’t have to bother with it. He helped us understand our benefits and how to get extra financial help. He even walked me through how to get a wig through a wonderful organization. I’m not even sure how people do this without a Quantum Health Care Coordinator. I’m just glad I didn’t have to do it alone."

    —Joan, Member, National Retailer

  • Member Stories

    Robert's Story

    "My Care Coordinator was awesome! He listened to my difficulty with a bill that I had received and assured me he was going to straighten things out. And he did. He took the burden of worry from my mind, and I was able to sleep, finally!"

    —Robert, Member, Global Healthcare Company

  • Member Stories

    Linda's Story

    "We were getting doctor bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars all being denied for non-coverage because of confusion surrounding our insurance. I quite honestly was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a godsend my Care Coordinator was to my family and me. Julie went above and beyond to straighten all of this confusion out and make everything right. There are few and far between people in this world with the determination and compassion that she exhibited."

    —Linda, Member, National Media Company

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