Improving workforce productivity

New research shows Quantum Health helps employees be healthier and more present

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Unlocking workforce potential

Fostering and maintaining a healthy and productive workforce is one of the biggest strategic goals for all employers.
According to data from the Integrated Benefits Institute,¹ U.S. employers annually experience:

978 million

days lost to illness

540 million

days lost to presenteeism

1.5 billion

total days of lost productivity,
equaling roughly $575 billion in expenses

Providing a transformative solution

Groundbreaking new data establishes Quantum Health as the only navigation solution proven to boost workforce productivity by reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and HR burden. These findings reinforce our commitment to sustained claims savings, setting new standards in healthcare cost efficiency.


Absence from work that extends beyond periods considered typical for vacation, personal time or occasional illness.

How we help:

  • Boost benefits utilization
  • Increase preventive care and flu vaccinations
  • Reduce hospital admissions and readmissions

Lost productivity stemming from employees unable to focus at work because of illness, injury or other health issue.

How we help:

  • Improve engagement, benefits education and clinical interventions in support of employees living with chronic conditions
  • Alleviate stress and worry
HR Burden

More than 70% of HR professionals say they’re working beyond capacity,² with a third of their time spent assisting employees with questions about healthcare and benefits.

How we help:

  • Serve as members’ primary point of benefits education and advocacy
  • Offer a dedicated resource for handling escalated benefits and claims issues

Increasing productivity impacts your bottom line


Average hours of productivity gained annually per 1,000 employees


Financial gain per employee per month*

*Based on an average annual salary of $61,776.

Connecting healthcare navigation to employee productivity

Quantum Health’s solution improves both absenteeism and presenteeism within a self-insured employer’s workforce. It also reduces healthcare-related workload on the HR and benefits team.

Maximizing Employee Productivity With Healthcare Navigation

Maximizing Employee Productivity With Healthcare Navigation

Explore the results of a groundbreaking new study analyzing Quantum Health’s impact on workforce productivity.

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Employee productivity

Does Healthcare Navigation Boost Employee Productivity?

New research shows that Quantum Health’s navigation improves employee productivity — a primary goal of employers when they invest in health benefits.

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Workforce Productivity: New Research Quantifies Value of Healthcare Navigation

Developing and maintaining a healthy and productive workforce is a major strategic challenge for employers. Groundbreaking new research quantifies the financial impact Quantum Health makes in addressing this issue by enabling employees to be more present – both physically and mentally – and productive at work. Join us for a deep dive into the data, along with a conversation about how and why navigation is an effective solution for self-insured employers. 

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“Since implementing Quantum Health navigation, our professional services firm has experienced a remarkable shift in how we approach benefits management. The streamlined healthcare processes have not only improved the overall experience for our employees but also directly contributed to our bottom line by optimizing our billable hours and resource allocation. This is a testament to the invaluable time and resource savings delivered by Quantum Health's services.”

Total Rewards

1. Integrated Benefits Institute, 2020.

2. 2022-2023 SHRM State of the Workplace Report.