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Quantum Health clients can save millions in healthcare costs every year — and we’ve got the independent analysis to prove it.

Proven results


It is essential that you get a clear and measurable return from your benefits investments. That’s why Quantum Health hires an independent actuarial firm to analyze results from our entire book of business over the company’s lifetime. We are the only navigation services company that consistently performs and publishes this rigorous, in-depth analysis. And we’re proud that for over two decades, we’ve delivered on our promises.


Get The Results



Promises delivered


The latest report includes the data from our entire book of business for 18 years. Key findings show that Quantum Health clients can realize millions of dollars in annual cost savings, including these averages:


  • 5.7% cost reduction from industry trends in first-year medical and pharmacy claims
  • 9.2% cumulative claims savings after three years
  • 14.4% cumulative claims savings after five years




The ROI is real


Employers can save an average of $750 per person a year with Quantum Health. That means a company with 1,000 employees can save an average of $750,000 a year, a company with 2,000 employees can save $1.5M a year, and a company with 5,000 employees can save $3.75M a year.