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Partnerships that last — and last

Partnerships that last — and last

In the end, it’s not about us — it’s about you. That’s why we align with your unique goals, and then work tirelessly to deliver results by maximizing your employee engagement, driving increased benefits usage, keeping your team healthier and saving costs.

Staying a step ahead


Once our team collaborates with you to develop a plan based on your priorities and objectives, we don’t simply execute that plan. We remain proactive and flexible, continuously adjusting to meet the evolving needs of your associates. We use machine learning and AI to track and use critical data. And we leverage engagements with your people as an ongoing focus group, helping you understand where your benefits plan is working or not, so together we can strategize future benefits needs and best manage healthcare costs.

Experts you can trust


Quantum Health client executives have an average of 17 years’ industry experience. That means the A-team is always running point on your account, because the A-team is the whole team. Collectively, they oversee the largest, longest and strongest book of business in the industry, providing priceless data and forecasting that will benefit you.




Countless advantages


We deliver intangibles, too. By being your single point of contact for all healthcare benefits needs, we handle myriad challenges so you don’t have to. And our services keep your employees healthier and happier, becoming a tool to help attract and retain top talent. Don’t take our word for it, though; take our clients’. More than 9 of 10 stay with us year over year.