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Favorable clinical outcomes

Favorable clinical outcomes

Quantum Health’s dedicated teams of in-house experts offer the most comprehensive possible care — and the most powerful possible results.

In-house medical experts


Quantum Health has a seasoned team of experts who provide member care. Our nurses, for example, offer full-family support — from nutritional guidance for patients to emotional support for spouses or caregivers. Our oncology specialists have answers ready for our members fighting cancer before they even know what questions to ask. Our other clinical professionals — specializing in areas from pharmacy and behavioral health to lifestyle management — proactively connect with members across the healthcare spectrum before small issues become big ones.


The results are clear


Our clinical outcomes speak for themselves. Quantum Health exceeds national averages in these key outcome measures:


  • 16% higher than average in preventive care
  • 7% higher than average in chronic quality measures and experiences
  • 7% decrease in hospital in-patient days
  • 10% fewer hospital readmissions


Your positive outcomes are our passion


Ultimately, results come down to the people who make them happen. And our people are experts passionate about helping our members. That’s why we call them Warriors™.


The Art of Warrioring™