Mike Formica
Pro tip. If you want to get Mike to change subjects, ask him what his favorite golf course is.
Consistency and follow-through. Knowing when to lay up or go for the green. These techniques and strategies can make all the difference on the golf course—or on a sales call. As an avid golfer and the Senior Vice President of Sales at Quantum Health, you could say Mike’s swing is in the groove. He’s been on the leaderboard of sales and strategy within the healthcare and human resource industries for more than 20 years. His expertise and experience building and deploying highly successful regional and national sales teams are invaluable assets for our continued growth. So is his know-how when it comes to developing and implementing sales and communications strategies that exceed business goals. Putting him through his paces at Quantum Health may not be helping him score any double eagles, but it’s certainly helping Quantum Health succeed.  


  • Senior Vice President of Sales — beBetter Health, Inc.
  • Vice President of Sales — A.D.A.M., Inc.
  • Vice President of Sales — Gelco
  • Director of Sales — Employease
  • Sales Executive — ADP


  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration — Northeastern University, Boston