A strategy guide for benefits professionals

Spiking inflation. A surge in pandemic-delayed medical care. As if self-insured employers weren’t having enough difficulty managing rising healthcare costs, forecasts for 2023 and beyond promise even more challenges.

Most HR and benefits leaders know or use independent healthcare navigation as a solution to improve employees’ benefits experience. Perhaps not as many recognize what a consistent, comprehensive cost-control strategy the right navigation model can be.

A first-of-its-kind study takes you inside how navigation works to inform and shape employees’ healthcare utilization, proactively finding and capitalizing on cost efficiencies while improving clinical and quality outcomes.

Download this informative e-book to learn how healthcare navigation:

  • Acts as a hedge against healthcare price inflation.
  • Works to control costs across an entire health plan population, from the healthiest members to those with chronic conditions and complex diseases.
  • Guides medical procedures and specialty drug treatments to more cost-effective, still clinically appropriate, care settings.