Best Overall Patient Engagement Company award recognizes Quantum Health’s industry-leading, technology-enabled member experience

MedTech Breakthrough 2022-Quantum Health DUBLIN, OH (May 5, 2022) – Quantum Health, the industry-leading healthcare navigation and care coordination company, has received the 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Overall Patient Engagement Company. The company is recognized for raising the bar on human-centered healthcare innovation and improving outcomes, by simplifying the healthcare journey with its proprietary combination of technology, data-driven insights and empathy-based care coordination. This is the second consecutive year Quantum Health has received this award, which celebrates outstanding digital health and medical technology products, services and companies around the world. This year’s competition drew more than 3,900 nominations from some of the world’s most recognized and respected medical technology companies, representing more than 15 different countries. “We are proud to receive this recognition for our commitment to using technology and data to simplify and improve the healthcare journey for our members and their providers,” said Drew Domecq, chief technology officer, Quantum Health. “By utilizing leading technology to empower our teams and engage our members, we provide an integrated and more personalized experience at every point in a member’s healthcare journey. We proactively reduce members’ challenges and enable better, more effective access to care. And most importantly, we deliver results, including improved outcomes and reduced costs.” The key to Quantum Health’s successful member engagement and outcomes is found in its open architecture platform, which connects and synchronizes all relevant stakeholders — members, clients, providers, payers and third-party solutions — and seamlessly synthesizes multiple data sources. This integration creates leading insights and transparency that enable Quantum Health to deliver a personalized and proactive healthcare experience. Quantum Health’s proprietary Real-Time Intercept® Smart Engine leverages these data insights and enables the company’s Healthcare Warriors™ to proactively identify opportunities, assess risks, and engage benefits plan members up to 120 days before a first claim is received. Data and insights also fuel Quantum Health’s digital engagement channels, including the MyQHealth® app, which gives members always-on access to their current benefit information and in-network providers — from any device, at any time. “While consumers have come to expect convenience and personalization in their daily interactions when it comes to healthcare, the experience can be anything but personalized or convenient,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. “Quantum Health is changing this dynamic with breakthrough technology and the industry’s best high-touch consumer engagement model, delivering leading engagement and satisfaction, positive health outcomes, and sustained cost savings. Congratulations on being named the ‘Best Overall Patient Engagement Company’ for the second year in a row.”