Partnership works to meet growing employer demand by combining Sword Health’s pain prediction, prevention and treatment platform with Quantum Health’s leading navigation and care coordination platform

Quantum Health and Sword logo

DUBLIN, OH, and NEW YORK, NY – (May 23, 2023) Quantum Health, the leading consumer healthcare navigation and care coordination company, announced today the expansion of its current musculoskeletal (MSK) offering with the addition of Sword Health as a new Preferred Partner within its Comprehensive Care Solutions™ platform. Sword Health is the world’s first end-to-end platform to predict, prevent and treat pain, and with this partnership, Quantum Health will make Sword available to its members.

Quantum Health will be the first partner to offer Sword Move to members, a fitness program that uses data from wearable devices and a dedicated personal trainer to create personalized exercise programs. The company will also offer Sword Predict and Bloom. Predict is the industry’s first AI engine using advanced machine learning to identify members at a greater risk of needing surgery, while Bloom is a comprehensive and clinical-grade digital solution to address women’s physical health issues.

This new partnership comes at a time when proliferating MSK-related surgeries — which are not only a leading cost driver for employers but also affect productivity and drive absenteeism, opioid abuse and mental health challenges — require a more comprehensive set of solutions to meet the growing demand for new MSK treatment options. Quantum Health’s Preferred Partner solutions offer proven strategies to its 500-plus employer clients to better control MSK-related costs and help its 2.7 million members avoid preventable surgeries, medications and time off work.

“Quantum Health recognizes the increasing need for MSK treatment support by both employers and their employees, and we’re excited to have Sword Health join our Preferred Partner program to offer its leading technology to our members through our navigation platform,” said Zane Burke, CEO of Quantum Health. “Our clients depend on us to evaluate benefits solutions for value and proven clinical outcomes at scale, then curate them as part of an integrated specialized offering to our members in one experience. We feel combining Sword Health’s platform with our proprietary, early intercept technology and unique human-centric approach to member and provider engagement will help ensure improved member utilization, resulting in better health outcomes.”

MSK challenges affect more than 50 million Americans and is the foremost contributor to nationwide disability claims.  In addition, it’s the No. 1 healthcare cost driver for businesses, with one-sixth of employer-sponsored plan dollars attributed to musculoskeletal-related care, at $600 billion annually.

Improving access to MSK care is a top priority for employers. However, the vast array of digital health point solutions makes navigating through them a huge challenge for HR and benefits leaders, who spend as much as one-third of their time managing point solution vendors. According to the Business Group on Health, four out of five employers prefer market-proven solutions, with nearly one-third selecting an integrated solution to drive engagement and utilization at scale.

“We’re excited to partner with Quantum Health to expand customer access to our end-to-end platform to predict, prevent and treat pain,” said Virgílio Bento, founder and CEO of Sword Health. “By teaming up with Quantum and its leading navigation platform, extensive clinical expertise and data insights, we’ll empower employers to free their workforce from pain.”

  • Sword Move combines certified personal trainers with wearable technology to deliver customized exercise programming that makes it easy for members to lead an active, healthy life. Each program is tailored to the member and features evidence-based exercises developed by Sword’s clinical team. Users can track their progress and will have continuous access and communication with their certified personal trainer ensuring the member is consistently engaged, supported and connected to their goals.
  • Sword Predict is the industry’s first AI engine using advanced machine learning to identify members who are up to 40 times more likely to need surgery more than 8 months prior to surgery diagnosis — to help them avoid preventable and costly hip, knee and back surgeries. With Predict, Sword Health gathers a wide range of data to identify, engage and treat at-risk members by utilizing Digital Physical Therapy, which is proven to reduce surgery intent by 60%.
  • Bloom, Sword’s groundbreaking pelvic health solution, combines clinical-grade, innovative technology with the human guidance of a pelvic health specialist to create the first comprehensive therapy solution to help women address pelvic health conditions in the convenience of their homes.

As the single point of member contact and access, Quantum Health uses its proprietary Real-Time Intercept® and AI to proactively identify members facing MSK surgery up to 120 days before the first claim. The team’s Healthcare Warriors® provide proactive education, utilization management and post-discharge outreach to ensure the best outcomes and prevent readmission or ER visits resulting from complications after knee, hip or spinal surgeries.

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