Quantum Health

Latest Provider Satisfaction Survey Gives Quantum Health High Marks For Delivering Exceptional Results

Survey of over 3,800 healthcare providers yields a Net Promoter Score of 74, recognizing the company's commitment to a simpler, more affordable healthcare experience.

June 5, 2018

Net Promoter Score of 74

Quantum Health, Inc., announces that it has received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 74 in its most recent survey of staff working at the front line of healthcare services, including hospital utilization review, case management and physician offices.

"Building strong relationships with providers is extremely important to us," says Quantum Health President Shannon Skaggs. "We are the only consumer healthcare navigation company to work with them on our members' behalf. It is a key advantage for us over the rest of the industry. Often, our communication with a provider is the earliest indication that one of our members needs help navigating the complex healthcare system. On average we engage with members 60 days earlier than any comparable healthcare navigator and within 2 to 3 days of a diagnosis."

The company's early intervention at a time when crucial decisions are being made helps members get the right care and avoid the cost of redundant services, unnecessary diagnostics, excessive in-patient stays and inaccurate claims. The company calls this intervention Real-Time Intercept™ (RTI).

Using a combination of predictive technology and human clinical expertise, Real-Time Intercept mines information directly from providers and other sources and then assesses ways to ensure the optimization of benefits and point solutions, provide coordination of care, and ultimately make a positive impact on the cost and quality during the members' entire healthcare journey.

"We're thrilled to have earned such positive feedback from the providers we work with," says Quantum Health founder and CEO Kara Trott. "It validates so much of what we do, from our pillars that guide our performance, to the people we hire and train, and to our mission to provide an exceptional experience for everyone we interact with."

Net Promoter Score measures consumers' overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend a company's products or services. In addition to the provider Net Promoter Score, Quantum Health currently has a member Net Promoter Score of 74, which is approximately 55 points higher than the healthcare insurance industry average, and a client Net Promoter Score of 77.

As of 2017, Quantum Health serves more than 1 million members and has more than 100 mid-sized to Fortune 500 clients. The company's clients realized a cumulative average savings of 12.5 percent, with an average CAGR of 1.9 percent over a three-year period, compared to the industry average of 6.5 percent, with savings beginning in the first year.

In addition to providing businesses with a score measuring satisfaction, the NPS survey also invites providers to elaborate on their experiences. A selection of comments is included here:

"Thomas did an outstanding job of helping me with not one, but two problems that I was having in regard to two of our patients. He was thorough, patient and knowledgeable on the steps that needed to be taken to resolve the issues we were dealing with. It was refreshing to deal with someone who cared not only about us, but the patients who ultimately were the ones we were trying to take care of."
—Provider Billing Specialist

"I just interacted with your care coordinator Randi. Let me tell you how amazing she was! She was exceptional at answering my questions, spectacular at anticipating my needs, and an amazing representative for your company. My previous interaction with Alicia was equally as nice. Healthcare needs more companies like yours as you offer a service that just doesn't compare!"
—Provider Office Manager

"I just thought it was important to let you know that Amanda is absolutely 100% amazing, we deal with insurance, scheduling, and upset people all day. She made this process seamless. She went out of her way, and went above and beyond to get this done for the patient and I think that's outstanding!"
—Provider Patient Service Representative

"I had the pleasure of speaking with Lana on 1/24/18. She was very professional, very patient, and very efficient. I speak with representatives from many insurance companies daily and I have had more bad encounters than I care to express. All too often, representatives are surly, impatient, and unwilling to provide any extra effort to assist. Lana acted in just the opposite manner. I believe she is an asset to your organization."
—Hospital Claims Administrator