Not all outcomes
are created equal

Quantum Health is founded on the idea that no one should navigate their healthcare journey alone. So while many navigation companies simply aggregate information and then pass consumers on to external parties, we integrate navigation with complete care coordination for our members. Our dedicated, in-house teams of experts offer the most comprehensive possible care—and the most powerful possible results.

Here, working closely with providers to proactively coordinate tests and negotiate costs is only the beginning. Our Quantum Health nurses, for example, offer full-family support—from providing nutritional guidance to a member to checking on their partner or caretaker’s emotional wellbeing. Our oncology specialists have answers ready for our members fighting cancer before they even know what questions to ask and will use their deep expertise to support that member through every step of the journey. Our teams of other clinical professionals—specializing in areas from behavioral health to lifestyle management—intercept and engage with members across the healthcare spectrum before small issues become big ones.

This all adds up to results. Our clinical outcomes speak for themselves. Quantum Health exceeds national averages in these significant outcome measures:

  • 16% higher than average in preventive care
  • 7% higher than average in chronic quality measures and experiences
  • 7% decrease in hospital in-patient days
  • 10% fewer hospital readmissions

Ultimately, results come down to the people who make them happen. And our people are experts passionate about helping our members. That’s why we call them Warriors™.

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