Quantum Health

Defining Our Purpose.

A Research-Based Approach

We learned the pitfalls and pain points of healthcare from the people who know them best—the consumers and providers who experience them firsthand. For two years, we followed 3,200 patients through their unchosen healthcare journey and interviewed more than 100 physicians.


Refined Through Experience

Since our launch in 1999, we've constantly refined our research-based approach based on our practical experience of guiding millions of consumers and their providers through the unchosen healthcare journey. We establish dedicated teams who get to know the people they serve. We emphasize empathy. We earn people's trust. We provide a personalized, guided experience through the healthcare journey for our members.

  • Personalized human connection
  • Provider-connected
  • Tech-enabled

A Continuously Optimized Experience

Today, MyQHealth is the culmination of everything we've learned about what our members and their providers need. It represents all that we do, from the caring and compassionate people we hire, to the empathy we show to our members, from the technology we develop, to the results we get for our members and their employers.

An Eighteen-year Evolution

An Eighteen-year Evolution

"Excellent! I just had a message from one of our members, and she raved about the service that the team provided. You made a big difference in her life and gave her a very favorable impression of Quantum."

Benefits Manager, National Healthcare Company

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