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Impact on self-funded employer healthcare spend (validated, net of independent factors):

Financial Savings

    • 7–8 Point average annual trend reduction
    • 1.1% Average trend year 1
    • 2.5% 3 year CAGR most recent 3 years v industry 7-8%
    • 20% Lower cost by Year 3

More Efficient Use of Healthcare

    • 5%  Increase in primary physician use*
    • 5%  Increase in preventive care*
    • 8%  Reduction in specialist self-referrals*
    • 4%  Reduction in emergency service use*
    • 22% Reduction in readmissions*
    • 7% Reduction in in-patient length of stay*

Increased Engagement

    • 62% Plan participants engaged in an actual conversation with a Care Coordinator
    • 85% Households engaged in an actual conversation with a Care Coordinator
    • 26% Increase in plan participants who changed a healthcare decision**
    • 52% Increase in plan participants reporting they’re more aware of health risks**
    • 98% Patients with $10,000 in claims that have worked with a Care Coordinator**
    • 78% In-patient discharges with post-discharge contact**
    • 52% Targeted chronic condition members engaged with a Disease Management Nurse or Care Coordinator

Greater Satisfaction and Productivity

    • 92% Plan participant satisfaction rate**
    • 25% reduction in health benefits-related workload***

*Source: Validated study completed July 2012 of pre-post data for 51 “year one” groups on an incurred basis compairing actual versus expected utilization based on actuarially expected utilization of “year one”.
**Source: Quantum Health book of business statistics 2010-2011
*** Source: 2008-2009 Independent due diligence survey of clients conducted by a business coalition 

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