We’re always looking for people with the right stuff

At Quantum Health we have titles, but we don’t hide behind them. In fact, no one here is above doing a so-called lowly task (“Everyone Stuffs Envelopes” is literally one of our core values).

We work really hard to take the pain out of healthcare. So compassion is compulsory. Beyond that, expectations are high, deadlines are tight, and excuses are inexcusable. But the work we do is truly rewarding. We actually have the ability to save lives—how cool is that?!

We’re considered a small company but we’re really taking off. And we’re always looking for people who have that roll-up-your-sleeves, never-say-never, let’s-shoot-for-the-moon attitude to join our team as we aim for new heights.

At Quantum Health, we’re making a difference by changing the way healthcare happens in America. Our program is one of the nation’s most innovative and effective healthcare concepts – we’ve held our clients’ cost trend to one-third the national average and maintained a 92% patient satisfaction. We’re looking for new team members who are committed to helping people navigate the complicated healthcare process to improve outcomes and help them get the most from their health plan. Our dream is to make the healthcare process less confusing and more compassionate. What’s your dream? We’d like to hear it.

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Quantum Health is an equal opportunity employer.