Helping patients is a virtue

Quantum Health’s consumer behavior research clearly showed that patients misuse the healthcare system.

Because patients (and even providers) are befuddled by the system, they aren’t using healthcare in the most efficient manner. As a result, wasteful spending happens.

In fact, experts estimate that 30-40% of all medical events are unnecessary.

Armed with this knowledge, we created a program that reorganizes benefits delivery to get patients (and providers) through the complex healthcare system in a much more effective way. Quantum Health steps in to guide them through the healthcare system and, ultimately, empowers them to make smarter decisions.

By helping patients understand and use their benefits better – Quantum Health literally reduces healthcare confusion.

Here’s how we make it happen.

We give healthcare a human touch

Quantum Health provides this human touch through its Care Coordinators—an empathetic, resourceful and highly responsive team of nurses, social workers, patient service representatives, and benefits experts.

Care Coordinators are the single go-to resource for all customer service and care management requests. Plan participants need only to call one toll-free number or visit a dedicated website to chat with Care Coordinators when they have questions about their benefits, claims, or healthcare in general.

With Care Coordinators, plan participants can rely on one source to resolve issues and eliminate confusion.

A more efficient solution

By overseeing all aspects of benefits delivery, our Care Coordinators can intercept redundant, delayed, and questionable treatment in real-time and then help plan participants, their families, and their physicians work together to ensure proper care—literally driving unnecessary medical events (and costs) out of the system.

But we don’t stop there.

You see, our approach is designed to reduce healthcare costs in two ways. First, we make healthcare more efficient by coordinating care for plan participants. Next, we work with plan participants to reduce the amount of services they use in the future by actively helping them become healthier over time.

This one-two punch delivers an effective way to knock costs down. Then keep costs down for the count.

The bottom line is this: By reducing waste inherent to the complex healthcare system, we’re able to reduce healthcare spend by an industry-leading 7-8% without cutting benefits.