The birth of coordinated healthcare

Quantum Health was born out of a simple, yet powerful, consumer insight: High healthcare confusion leads to high healthcare costs and poor consumer experiences.

The brainchild of CEO Kara Trott, Quantum Health was founded in 1999 to develop and operate a different healthcare program that provides better coordination of care.

Earlier in her career, Kara worked with Fortune 100 consumer products firms as well as healthcare organizations. While working with the latter, she observed that patients got confused and lost when accessing a fragmented healthcare system that showed little collaboration and information-sharing among providers. What’s more, she noticed that the disjointed, separate and isolated interactions resulted in chronic misutilization of medical care and, ultimately, unnecessary cost. In short, Kara saw a healthcare system that was painfully inefficient—and she was determined to fix it.

Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Kara established a team of consumer behavior professionals and together they spent two years tracking 3,200 patients through the healthcare delivery system. At the same time, they picked the brains of nearly 300 physicians to understand what the doctors ordered versus what actions their patients actually took. Based on this in-depth research, they mapped the typical healthcare process, identified key points of disconnect, quantified the excess cost of inefficiencies and then developed strategies to connect patients and providers at critical points. Over the next four years the Quantum Health team set out to prove the efficacy of its approach with 100,000 plan participants.

After six years of development and scientific testing, Quantum Health created a way to reorganize benefits delivery that’s proven to improve outcomes, increase satisfaction and lower costs.

In 2005 the program was proudly rolled out to clients and benefits consultants nationwide. Since its conception, Quantum Health has grown at a remarkable rate. In fact, we now employ more than 300 professionals who serve close to 340,000 plan participants at nearly 80 organizations in various industries across the country.

To this day Quantum Health continues to grow and grow and grow. And for good reason.
After all, as more organizations scream for ways to cut healthcare costs without cutting benefits, Quantum Health delivers proven, sustainable results—making it a bundle of joy everyone can love.

Affordable healthcare

Let’s face it; healthcare is exceedingly complicated. If that weren’t enough, it’s also increasingly expensive. But why?
Well, for too long, the focus has been – and continues to be – on treating the symptoms (not the root cause) of rising healthcare costs. This tactical approach has led to an array of short-term ‘solutions’ that have little, if any, effect on lowering costs for the long-haul. Let alone reducing complexity or improving outcomes.

Year after year, one tactic seems to follow another: HMOs, PPOs, disease management, wellness programs, consumer directed healthcare… the list goes on. Obviously, this approach isn’t cutting it. Not by a long shot. Instead it fuels frustration, confusion, skepticism and even anger.

As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, hope for an actual remedy simply fizzles.
Quantum Health, meanwhile, took the time to fully diagnose the situation and came up with a proven way to cut healthcare spend and boost healthcare satisfaction. All without shifting costs.

And quite frankly, it wasn’t that hard to figure out.