Quantum Health is the leading care coordination and consumer navigation company. We help self-insured employers get the most out of their healthcare plans by working with members and their providers to drive unnecessary costs and frustration out of the healthcare system.

How do our customers benefit?
We know that ongoing engagement leads to changes in behavior and better utilization of healthcare services, which reduces healthcare costs. Our consumer engagement is the best in the industry. In their first year with Quantum Health, our clients see an immediate reduction in their healthcare costs and an average 5% to 8% reduction per year.

  • 94% of our clients see a better trend than in the prior 3 years.
  • 53% of clients lower their healthcare costs in Year 1 versus the prior year.

How is Quantum Health different?
Put simply – trust. Members have described us as a “sanctuary,” where they can share anxieties and concerns. We’re there as members are making their healthcare decisions, and we’re genuinely concerned about their well-being. We do more than respond. We anticipate the needs of the people we serve.