Quantum Health is the leading care coordination and consumer navigation company. We help self-funded employers get the most out of their healthcare plans.

Quantum Health eliminates confusion for plan members—we are one phone number to call for questions about claims, pharmacy, and general benefits, as well as third-party vendor assistance and optimization.

We coordinate care by working with the member and their physician. We help each member navigate their benefits plan to get the best care, at the right time.

Our results show that if you treat every member like a friend and not just a file number, you can improve outcomes, experience, and the bottom line:

  • Industry-leading engagement: We engage 61% of members
  • Employers average a savings of $641 per employee net of our fees
  • We engage 95% of members with claims cost >$10,000
  • Industry-leading member satisfaction: 94% member satisfaction rates
  • An NPS score of +62% (compared to health insurance carriers’ average –20%)