2 Proven Strategies To Control Specialty Drug Costs Webinar
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April 12, 2023

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1-1:45 p.m. ET

Specialty drug costs are soaring. For many self-insured employers, they account for more than half of all drug costs. A recent survey called specialty drug trends “alarming” and found that 99% of employers are concerned about them. The good news? There are effective cost-control strategies.

Join pharmacy experts from Quantum Health and Rx Savings Solutions as they share how shifting treatments to a growing class of biosimilar drugs, or to less expensive sites of care, can produce major cost savings — and improve your health plan members’ experience. You’ll learn:

  • What drives specialty drug costs and why it is challenging to control them.
  • What biosimilars are and how they can be used to replace more costly branded drugs.
  • Why where specialty drugs get administered is a major cost driver, and how treatments can be guided to less costly locations that are more convenient for members.

Specialty drug costs are going up. But finally, there are effective solutions. Register today to learn more.