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Quantum Health and City of Hope Collaborate to Provide State-of-the-Art Cancer Support Services

March 6, 2018

City of Hope

Quantum Health, Inc., the market leader in consumer navigation and care coordination, and City of Hope, a world-renowned independent research and treatment center for cancer and diabetes, today announced a new collaboration to provide a range of enhanced cancer support services to clients of Quantum Health, their members and their physicians.

The complexity of cancer diagnosis and treatment has increased costs to employers. This personal cancer management program couples City of Hope's expertise in genomic medicine, commonly referred to as precision medicine, with Quantum Health's empathetic care support and navigation to provide a high level of customized service. City of Hope will specifically provide guidance on how to appropriately use genomic testing and to optimally integrate the results into a patient's care plan.

"City of Hope is at the forefront of precision medicine and cancer treatment expertise," stated Kara Trott, founder and CEO of Quantum Health. "Cancer is emotionally taxing for people and their families. The rapid pace of change leaves people bewildered about what to do. There is also a risk of misdiagnosis leading to unnecessary and nonbeneficial treatments that result in avoidable cost and suffering for the patient, as well as poorer outcomes. This relationship with City of Hope will arm our clinical care coordinators with information regarding the latest research and technology to deliver unparalleled cancer care navigation and support to our members, their families and their providers on their unchosen healthcare journey."

A cancer diagnosis directly affects only 1 percent of members on employer health plans, but is one of the costliest conditions, representing up to 10 to 12 percent of employers' medical costs.1 Precision medicine — based on individuals' specific genetic and molecular make-up — is changing the course of effectiveness in cancer treatments at an unprecedented pace, and can have a significant impact on the direct and indirect costs associated with a cancer diagnosis.

"We are excited to provide an unprecedented level of service and support for the benefit of Quantum Health's members by leveraging City of Hope's clinical expertise," said Harlan Levine, M.D., president of strategy and business ventures, at City of Hope. "Quantum Health's model uniquely enables early interception and support for patients undergoing cancer diagnosis and treatment, allowing us to provide the patient's clinical team paramount care and guidance."


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