Not all experiences
are created equal

The most transparent and universally respected way for industries to measure consumer satisfaction is NPS—Net Promotor Score. NPS matters beyond measuring customer satisfaction. It’s the measure that dictates engagement, which powers results. If your members don’t feel cared for or supported, your ability to engage and drive outcomes is non-existent.

Our differentiated model is hard-wired to deliver a superior experience. It’s what we do every moment of every day.

And Quantum Health doesn’t just deliver a better experience for members. Unlike others in our industry, we also measure NPS for our clients and provider partners, delivering world-class scores for them, too. We work hard to ensure our members, clients and providers get the great experience they deserve. Our already-high scores continue to increase each year, and we are honored to top the chart in our industry.

COVID-19: Member experience has never mattered more

During the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare options have been more complex and confusing than ever. We’re honored to serve our members during this challenging time. From connecting them to testing, telehealth and community resources, to helping them get uninterrupted care and medications during lockdowns, to simply understanding their benefits coverage, we continue to ensure that they and their families have the resources, care and support they need. The hundreds of thank you notes and calls we’ve received let us know that we are making a difference.

Our Net Promoter Scores (NPS) do the same. Over the past four months (April through July), we’ve seen our already industry-leading scores climb over 78 each month, even reaching new peaks of 81 for two consecutive months. Mission accomplished: Our members feel cared for and supported in an unstable and anxious time of change.

And our clients can rest assured, knowing we have their people covered for any COVID-related issues that may come their way.

Member Experience Results

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