Not all engagement
is created equal

Engagement is a tricky word. Many companies will count a simple click on a website as an engagement. As a result, they end up with a lot of “engagements.” But do those clicks translate to real value? At Quantum Health, we don’t think so. We consider an engagement a meaningful, two-way exchange of information between two people, whether that’s via a phone call, email, secure message, chat or text message. So when we say we’ve engaged, we mean we’ve had human interaction that delivers a result.

When an engagement occurs is even more critical. Quantum Health’s unique and proprietary Real-Time Intercept™ model does it early. Earlier, in fact, than anyone else in the industry. We are the starting point for both members and providers—the first contact they make. This allows us to discover issues and challenges immediately and guide members from the beginning of their journeys, resulting in healthier outcomes, better utilization and cost savings—for the member and the client.

How does Quantum Health’s engagement measure up? It’s the gold standard. We engage with 84% of our member households—30% higher than our nearest competitor. We engage with 51% of our provider partners, which is five times the rate of others in our industry. And we engage with 96% of providers when a member has a claim over $100,000. All this adds up to significant impact for your member and for you.

Why engaging providers is key to cost savings and positive clinical outcomes

Perhaps nothing separates Quantum Health’s solutions from conventional advocacy, concierge and navigation services more than early, in-depth provider engagement. By connecting with them early in an employee’s healthcare journey, we’re poised to influence positive outcomes and cost savings long before a claim gets filed.

It starts with us being providers’ go-to contact on your employees’ insurance cards. Because 83% of our first interactions with providers involve such things as confirming patient benefits and eligibility, and responding to precertification and authorization requests, we often get 60 to 100 days’ head start on guiding your employees through their healthcare experiences.

How do providers feel about Quantum Health’s proactive interaction? They’ve honored us with a Net Provider Score of 74. Signaling that they don’t merely tolerate our involvement. They welcome and value it.

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