Volume 6, 2018

A Benefit Worth Expecting

The Early Steps Maternity Program

While being a magical time of glowing skin and well-wishes, pregnancy is also a chaotic one as parents-to-be must do things like put together a nursery, register for gifts, decide on names and babyproof the home. And then there's all the advice: what's good and what's outdated? Even the internet is riddled with different opinions.

Finally, logistics. Who wants to think about where the baby will be born and whether insurance will cover the breast pump when you have announcements to make, photos to take and showers to attend?

From informed advice to authorizations, logistics to lactation, morning sickness to managing blood pressure—and so much more—our Early Steps Maternity program Maternity Coaches are an expecting mom's trusted guide who cares about her wellness, knows her insurance details, and can be a source of help throughout her pregnancy.

"Healthcare's confusing enough and when you're pregnant it can get REALLY confusing," says Linda Faber, certified Wellness & Maternity Coach. Linda has cared for pregnant women since she was a hospital and family practice nurse at the beginning of her career. Now, at Quantum Health, she spends her days providing support and guidance to ensure healthy pregnancies.

Linda makes scheduled calls with moms-to-be, checking on how they're doing and if there are any concerns they may have. When not on these calls, she's securing authorizations for ultrasounds and deliveries for her members and helping them get maximum use of their benefits—from a free maternity book to potential wellness incentives. Sometimes it is challenging to have enough time in one call to take care of everything, so members can also email her.

"It's a great program," Linda says, "and people with this benefit are very appreciative." She's had moms who already have children take advantage of it, and even has a member who's a family physician. "I love hearing the gratitude and relief in the member's voice. Many of these women are busy people."

Currently, 18 employers have opted to provide Quantum Health's Early Steps Maternity program as a benefit. While it's the members who find reward in the peace of mind this program offers, Linda finds her final, post-birth call with the moms rewarding—especially when she hears the baby in the background. "It's precious!"


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