Volume 5, 2018

Providers & NPS—a Game Changer

Providers and NPS-a Game Changer

Late last year, MyQTrends shared an article about the importance of the Net Promotor Score (NPS) as a means of measuring customer experience and predicting business growth. Although commonplace to ask of customers, it is virtually unheard of to ask of providers. We did.

"Building strong relationships with providers is extremely important to us," says Quantum Health President Shannon Skaggs. "We are the only consumer healthcare navigation company to work with them on our members' behalf. It is a key advantage for us over the rest of the industry. Often, our communication with a provider is the earliest indication that one of our members needs help navigating the complex healthcare system. On average, we engage with members 56 days earlier than any comparable healthcare navigator and within 2 to 3 days of a diagnosis."

During May of 2018, we asked hospital utilization review, case management and physician office staff to answer one simple question at the end of their calls: "How likely are you to recommend Quantum Health to your clients or patients?"

At the end of the four-week survey period, with more than 7,000 responses, we're thrilled to report an NPS provider score of 75!

In addition to the provider Net Promoter Score, Quantum Health currently has a member Net Promoter Score of 74, which is approximately 55 points higher than the healthcare insurance industry average, and a client Net Promoter Score of 78.

The NPS survey also invited providers to elaborate on their experiences. Here are just some of their comments:

"We're thrilled to have earned such positive feedback from the providers we work with," says Quantum Health founder and CEO Kara Trott. "It validates so much of what we do, from our pillars that guide our performance, to the people we hire and train, and to our mission to provide an exceptional experience for everyone we interact with."


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