Volume 5, 2018

It all starts with Trust

It all starts with Trust

To be a nurse, one must be caring, compassionate and empathetic. To be a nurse for Quantum Health, one must go several steps beyond.

In many healthcare settings, such as hospitals, urgent care facilities and diagnostic centers, nurses rarely have the opportunity to build lasting relationships. Their focus is primarily on treating a patient in the moment.

Nurses at Quantum Health focus on caring for our members over a lifetime. We provide guidance and support for all of their health concerns, from complex clinical issues to simple billing and claims resolutions. We get to know our members—and their families. We have a deep understanding of what it takes to be a trusted partner in their healthcare.

Our service depends on hiring the right people. We recruit the best of the best. Nurses who have proven experience in direct patient care, who are naturally empathetic and compassionate and who can successfully complete our intense five-week training program. We look for big-hearted, fast-thinking, hard-working people who want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the people they are caring for.

"No matter whether that first call is about an out of range biometric screening or a new cancer diagnosis, our nurses' first job is to earn that member's trust," says SVP of Member Engagement Steven Knight. "We find out what's most important to our members by getting to know them on a personal level. Then, by solving benefit, billing and claims issues for our members, we'll have earned the trust—and the privilege—to deal with more important clinical issues."

Because of our unique model, Quantum Health is able to deploy a lower nurse to member ratio compared to other care navigation companies. Instead of using predictive modeling to analyze information about a member's care after a medical event has occurred, Quantum Health intercepts members in real time to positively impact the cost and quality of their care. On average, we engage with members more than 100 days earlier than other models that rely on post-care data. We call this Real-Time Intercept™ (RTI).

Earlier this year, Barb, a Quantum Health nurse, used RTI to help one of our members through a life-altering diagnosis. Our member, Jane, spoke to one of our Care Coordinators requesting help in getting a second opinion on the results of her mammogram before going in for a biopsy. Our Care Coordinator immediately informed Barb who outreached to Jane right away. Although Jane did not respond back until after her biopsy, Barb has contacted Jane a total of 14 times to provide her with both navigational and emotional support:

"As a Nurse Care Coordinator at Quantum Health, I have the privilege of caring for the whole person—mind, body and soul. This includes their families, their financial needs and an understanding of the healthcare journey they are on. I completely dedicate myself to the care of our members," says Barb.


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