Volume 5, 2018

Immediate Impact for First-Year Clients

Immediate Impact for First-Year Clients

For plan administrators, few things cause more anxiety than a change in healthcare vendors. Member disruption, change orders, project management updates, tight deadlines and uncertainty in the end result are just some of the challenges that keep administrators up at night.

At Quantum Health, we have worked with hundreds of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 to smaller, privately held companies, to ensure a seamless implementation process from onboarding to open enrollment. Once implemented, new clients see an immediate impact on plan cost, realizing significant savings in the first year. A better experience and reduced cost is more than just possible—it's guaranteed.

How does it work? Through superior member engagement, we are able to reduce both the number and cost of claims. In 2017, 94 percent of new Quantum Health clients had significantly fewer claims than in previous years. For those who had claims of more than $10,000, Quantum Health increased engagement as much as tenfold to over 95 percent. Over 87 percent of members were engaged two full months before being identified by predictive analytics, which are the standard in other engagement platforms.

This early and frequent engagement allows us to intervene during a medical event as it happens in order to create a better outcome—ultimately impacting the cost and quality of our members' care. We call this Real Time Intercept™. On average, we engage with our members more than 100 days earlier than other models that rely strictly on post-care data.

In a post-implementation survey, our new 2017 clients indicated that they spent considerably less time on implementation than expected, experienced minimal disruption and were able to redirect resources to more strategic priorities.

"We are extremely pleased with these results," says Kara Trott, founder and chief executive officer at Quantum Health. "It is our close connection to consumers and their providers that enables us to not only reduce cost, but also deliver an exceptional healthcare experience consistently."

In Their Own Words

Here’s just a sampling of what our 2017 clients had to say about their implementation process:

  • "The team is really strong, customer and person focused. Implementation went really well and the team is really excited to move forward."
  • "You were terrific at every step."
  • "You were always patient and calm when we needed it and always kept us on track."
  • "The team does an excellent job and always is very focused and listening for things that impact the setup of Quantum."
  • "The team always demonstrated flexibility and customer focus."
  • "This is one of the best implementation processes I have been through despite all the changes we have experienced."



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