Volume 4, 2018

Coming Together For A Common Cause

Coming Together For A Common Cause

For over a decade, top employers and healthcare leaders from around the world have come together at the annual Conference Boards to share case studies, best practices and next steps with one common goal—to advance healthcare. The theme for this year was Capturing Value in a Dynamic Market.

This past March, nearly 1,600 attendees descended upon New York and San Diego to share their challenges and wins with their peers—and how to raise the bar on performance and engagement with their healthcare experience.

The Power of Connecting in Real Time

As the single point of contact for our members and their providers, we are uniquely positioned in the direct flow of their healthcare journey. What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to evaluate and act on information in real time for opportunities to provide our members with guidance during their care that positively impacts the behaviors that drive up cost.

At Conference Boards, two of our clients, Teva and KinderCare Education™, shared how their healthcare experience went from confusing to simple after partnering with Quantum Health.

Teva - Searching for a simplified healthcare experience

Teva, a global pharmaceutical company with 57,000 employees from around the world, had been looking for a healthcare partner who could simplify their member experience, provide holistic guidance, increase use of their vendors, and encourage use of their benefits. After having met with other healthcare navigation companies, they decided to go with Quantum Health. Why? Real-Time Intercept™. "The earlier you get them, the higher chance of cost savings," says Associate Director of Benefits Diane Rohach. "And, Quantum Health was the only company willing to engage with our providers."


"Employee engagement has skyrocketed, as well," says Diane. "One of our employees said, 'I love this service. You guys are phenomenal and you made my day. I hope Teva always keeps this service.'"


KinderCare - Putting employees first

"Changing our culture and way of thinking to put employees first was paramount," says KinderCare Vice President of Total Rewards Sarah Redgrave. "One of the ways we did this for our 30,000 employees was by partnering with Quantum Health. The healthcare industry is so complex and daunting—it often feels like you are at the whim of your doctor and/or insurance. With Quantum, they have your back.

"We make an annual trip to Quantum Health to continue strengthening and growing our relationship—we are truly an extension of each other," says Sarah. "Quantum Health's Care Coordinators offer active outreach, so they are being proactive about our employees' health versus being reactive. That's what sets them apart. We appreciate Quantum's flexibility and customizing our offerings based on what is going on with our employees."


"Quantum Health takes the healthcare burden off of our teachers. Our Care Coordinators say things like, 'send that bill to me' or 'let me talk to your doctor.' By removing the frustration, strain and burden of healthcare, Quantum has helped us to demonstrate our commitment to our employees by putting them first."

An exceptional healthcare experience

Quantum Health founder and CEO Kara Trott is one of many healthcare leaders who find Conference Boards to be an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation each year. "Every year we come to Conference Boards, we learn more and more about the advancements in the healthcare industry and what others are doing to make for an exceptional member experience," says Kara.

"We have a lot of amazing clients across various industries that partner with us to execute on their unique customized benefit strategy. We have been successful because of our ability to be present with our members and their providers and take action in the most effective ways at the precise time to have the maximum impact throughout their healthcare journey.

"Hearing their stories at Conference Boards of how Quantum has saved them time, money and frustration not only confirms that we are doing the right thing for our current clients and members but how we can help others, as well. We're already looking forward to Conference Boards 2019!" says Kara.


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