Volume 4, 2018

Celebrating A Legacy Of Care And Commitment

Celebrating A Legacy Of Care And Commitment

Wouldn't it be great if we all had someone by our side to help make our lives just a little bit easier? Life is complicated enough between work, home, family and bills. When you add health concerns to the mix, it becomes a whole new story.

In 2002, the team at Wooster Community Hospital (WCH) began looking for ways in which to make the healthcare process easier for their employees. Now, I know what you may be thinking ... "But they are a hospital! Doesn't healthcare come easy for them?" As nurses, doctors and administrators, helping their patients is what they do. But, who helps THEM when it comes to navigating their own healthcare?

Benefits Coordinator Debbie Stutz remembers the day well when Quantum Health founder and CEO Kara Trott came to visit WCH. "When Kara and her team visited us, we all spent a lot of time listening and learning. Kara was just so confident that her program would work exactly the way she said it would that it was hard not to trust her!

"When we learned about all the ways our Care Coordinators could help us, we were excited to get started," says Debbie. "Employees used to talk to a TPA when they called the number on the back of their ID card and would receive horrible service. But, after Quantum came on board, things drastically changed. Now they speak to friendly, compassionate Care Coordinators who are people- and patient-oriented.

"I can speak from my own experience—I've had a couple of surgeries over the years, and each time a Quantum nurse called me to see how I was doing afterward," says Debbie. "It's a very nice touch knowing someone cares and is looking out for you. It's odd for us because a lot of our employees are nurses themselves and THEY are the ones who are accustomed to following up with people!"

Quantum Health Client Executive Brenda Loper has been with Debbie and WCH since day one. "I wouldn't give up my relationship with them for the world," says Brenda. "I visit a few times per year and every time it's like going home to visit family.

"Debbie and I began our careers at the exact same time so we were both new when WCH came on board," says Brenda. "Relationships matter. After you work with someone for a while, you earn grace and trust. In the end, your goals are the same—to take care of the members. We walk side by side with WCH while continuing to show them the same care and respect today as we did when they were one of our largest clients. I get really happy talking about WCH—it says a lot for a client to be on board for that long. I like to think I've helped!"

As Quantum Health's longest-running client, we are honored to celebrate 16 years of care, commitment and friendship with Wooster Community Hospital. Thank you for your partnership—we're looking forward to many more years to come!


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