Volume 3, 2018

The high price of tobacco

The High Price of Tobacco

We all know that tobacco is harmful to your employees' health. In fact, smoking accounts for nearly one in every five deaths in the United States today. But, did you know that tobacco use could also be hurting your bottom line? From lost productivity and smoke breaks to higher healthcare costs, tobacco users cost businesses about $6,000 more per year compared to non-users.

A program that works:

Five one-on-one coaching sessions

A personalized plan

Access to educational resources

Guidance to free medications and nicotine replacement therapies

So, how can employers combat the financial burden of tobacco use?

Quantum Health, the leader in healthcare coordination, offers a personalized tobacco cessation program to help members quit tobacco once and for all. For individuals who have completed the program, 54 percent of participants are tobacco-free after just six months. This is an astounding number when you consider that only 3-6 percent of smokers who attempt to quit without assistance are successful.

No matter whether employees are looking to lower their healthcare premium or simply wanting to improve their health, our tobacco cessation experts work with each member individually to set goals and provide just the right tools to assist them in reducing—and eventually quitting—tobacco.

Employee enrollment since program inception: 3,855

Program completion: 74.1%

Program completion with goals met: 99.89%

Quit rate after 6 months: 54%

Here's what some of our members have to say:

"My coach was supportive and encouraging, gave excellent advice and also asked a lot of questions about me and my personal goals on how to be smoke-free. Thanks a bunch for all of your support. I can truly say that I am now a non-smoker!"

"I really appreciate each and every coach I've had over the past five weeks—they were all very helpful. I've quit several times in the past but this time was the easiest because I've never had a coach before. I'm so glad I tried it and will highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you all for all your help and support!"

Learn how Quantum Health can help you lower the cost of employee healthcare. Visit or call 800-257-2038.


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