Volume 2, 2017

NPS – When a Number Isn't Just a Number

NPS - When a Number Isn't Just a Number

Numbers, like words, can tell a story. Sometimes that story has a happy ending—and sometimes it does not.

Like many businesses, Quantum Health assesses how their customers are feeling about their products or services with the now commonplace Net Promoter Score (NPS) process. The basic NPS question, “On a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being highest, what’s the likelihood that you would recommend us (our company) to a friend or colleague?” was created by Fred Reicheld and Bain & Company. NPS has been described as the “trusted anchor for your customer experience management program” and is a readily accepted measure of customer experience and predictor of business growth.

How it works

The score, on a scale of one to 10, falls into three groups. If a customer scores you as a nine or a 10, they are promoters. If they score you as a seven or an eight, they are passive. You don’t know if they are leaning toward loving you, leaving you or they just don’t care. And, a score of a six or lower means you have a detractor. To determine your official NPS score, take the percentage of promoters (nines and 10s) and subtract the percentage of detractors (sixes and lower). That number is your Net Promoter Score.

Drumroll, please ...

Following a very rigorous and objective process (i.e., no prodding of happier clients or avoiding those who are less than happy), we again sought direct feedback. Quantum Health is proud to report a client score of 78 and a member score of 73!

How impressive are these scores? Consider the following:

The Quantum difference

What sets us apart? Continual enhancements to the member experience. Improved investments in our business. An amazing, award-winning culture. Experienced and inventive leaders. And, most importantly, our compassionate, caring team who make it their mission to help our members through every step of their healthcare journey.

To learn more about the Net Promoter Score process, click here.


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