Volume 2, 2017

Heartfelt Help for Houston

Heartfelt Help for Houston

When Tim Hiser shared that he was headed to Houston to help Hurricane Harvey victims, no one was surprised.

Tim has been with the Quantum family for over five years as a Mail Production Specialist. From facilitating mass mailings to shipping materials for health fairs and conferences, Tim does it all—and more. "I know that when people receive a postcard in the mail from a company, it’s typically thrown away," says Tim. "But, what if I send out information about Quantum Health to someone who was recently diagnosed with cancer? They may see it and realize they are not alone ... that all they have to do is pick up the phone and immediately be in touch with someone who will fight for their care. That makes my job important and meaningful."

During church service one Sunday morning, the pastor announced that he was looking for volunteers to drive to Houston to help those in need. "I felt a tug on my heart," says Tim. At Quantum Health, employees are offered up to a week of paid time off for volunteering without having to use vacation time. After discussing the trip with his wife, Brannyn, who also works for Quantum Health, they both agreed he should go.

Tim was one of a dozen members of his church who made the trip from Ohio to Texas. Upon arrival in Houston, he was shocked at the complete and utter devastation surrounding him. For an entire week, his group spent their days removing possessions from families’ homes and ripping out wet, moldy drywall and insulation. It was hot, tiring work. Besides dealing with dangerous black mold, the crews also encountered cockroaches and termites as they tore into the walls. Distraught homeowners, watching from the sidelines, were given a glimpse of hope as they watched some semblance of their homes emerge from the rubble.

One homeowner shared his sorrowful story with Tim. His wife had been in the hospital for two years straight awaiting a liver transplant. Their home was destroyed during the hurricane, they had no flood insurance, and the husband was living in a small shed on their property. One week before Tim and his team arrived, the man’s wife passed away. "You could see the despair and hopelessness in his face," said Tim. "After we removed all of his possessions and gutted his home in preparation for fresh drywall, he brightened and had a new spring in his step."

Although the teams slept on cots and showered on a bus, they were thankful to be able to help those in need. Brannyn says, "I’m so proud of Tim’s selflessness and willingness to help with the hurricane relief in Houston. He and the team were able to help families in tremendous ways by rebuilding homes—and lives. We are both thankful to work for an organization that supports this type of outreach!"

At Quantum Health, caring goes well beyond ensuring our members are supported throughout every step of their healthcare journey. We actively seek out and hire those who have the empathy and compassion needed to help others—both in and out of the office.


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