Volume 1, 2017

Introducing MyQHealth™


We're excited to announce that Quantum Health's pioneering approach to consumer healthcare navigation will soon become MyQHealth. The rollout of MyQHealth combines the personalized help provided by our Care Coordinators with a completely redesigned member portal and mobile app.

Founder and CEO, Kara Trott, says, "MyQHealth is our opportunity to define how we are unique within the industry. Our focus has always been on the healthcare consumer first. We believe that listening to consumers and showing them empathy builds trust and enables us to provide them with a personally guided healthcare experience. The guidance we provide is essential to eliminating the complexity and confusion that drive up healthcare costs."

With nearly two decades of experience helping our members navigate the complexity of healthcare, we're able to provide our members with real-time guidance from teams of specialists and clinicians who possess the empathy, expertise and tools required to truly understand, anticipate and solve our members' healthcare needs. And now, with MyQHealth, our innovative digital member portal and mobile app will add intelligent technology to our people-first focus. Here are just some of the enhancements you can look forward to:

"While we're able to save our clients and their employees a significant amount of money," says Kara, "the real value we add is the help and support we provide to people when they need it most. Our health is everything. The mission of Quantum Health is to provide people with an exceptional experience on what is often an unchosen journey. MyQHealth helps us communicate that mission with greater clarity."


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