Volume 1, 2017

Happy 100, Quantum Health!

Celebrating 100 Clients

After 18 years of helping consumers navigate the confusing world of healthcare, we're thrilled to welcome our 100th client to Quantum Health! This large auto manufacturer was looking for a simpler, more affordable healthcare experience for their employees. They were happily surprised to learn that engaging their employees and providers earlier and more often would result in significant savings for them, while providing their employees with a better healthcare experience.

Executive Vice President of Sales, Mike Formica, says, "We're well-positioned for future growth. Our strategic initiatives involving the latest technology, training and resources anticipate industry trends—keeping us ahead of the curve. We've grown by roughly 40 percent each year since 2007. Quantum Health began with just 50 employees. Today, we're more than 600 employees strong, serving nearly 1 million members.

"We're continuing to add new clients and strengthen our relationships with existing ones," says Mike. "Our growth has been fueled by the consumers' ever-increasing need for caring, compassionate healthcare experts to personally guide them on their unchosen healthcare journey. With Quantum Health, they get that...and so much more."


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