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Quantum Health

Your Team of Healthcare Warriors.

We Fight For Your Employees' Healthcare

Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated team of patient service representatives, nurses, claims specialists, team leads and managers who possess the empathy, expertise and tools required to truly understand, anticipate and solve the needs of healthcare consumers.

  • Care Coordinator
  • Care Coordinator
  • Care Coordinator
  • Care Coordinator
  • Care Coordinator

One Dedicated Team

Our pod team size and structure is grounded in science to optimize their effectiveness for:

  • Personalized member service
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise

Pod members work from one system in close proximity to each other to promote accountability, facilitate information sharing and provide guidance to your employees in real time.

"I was so relieved to speak to a nurse about the ongoing treatment for my daughter. Having one person to contact is magnificent! Over the past few years, I found it very difficult to call several different places depending on what the issue was. I'm so pleased with my company’s decision to make things less complicated."

Member, Global Healthcare Company